Now on the 2ww and i didnt even realise

I feel so annoyed with myself! This month i really tried to do everything right. I cut out all caffeine, took multivits, ate really healthy, used ov sticks and bd'd every other day right up to ov then bd'd about 5days in a row when i got + .... only prob is i didnt ov!! I never realised this as the line on my stick was the darkest it had been! anyway 2ww came and went and af never came! i started thinking about dates and realised on the day i thought af was due i had lots of stomach cramps and lots of ewcm. at the time i thought this was a sign af was coming but looking back i think i was ov'in!!
This wouldnt have been a problem if we were still bd'in but as it was such a long cycle (was on cd42) after i thought id ov'd the first time i was glad of a rest! id stopped with all the healthy stuff and i think in that week we only bd'd once and it was about 2days after :\(
checked the ov sticks and there still as dark so think it was because it was a diff batch of ebay which were darker than the first lot!
So after that big ramble .... i am now cd49 and 7dpo!! .... no chance i could have caught the egg which is sooo annoying especially if im gonna have another 50+ cycle!!

Feel a bit better after getting that out!! Hope everyone is


  • Oh Nic - what a complete pain in the ass! The blinking internet OPKs are driving me potty this month - CD27 and still no positive (normally I would OV CD19/20). Grrr. And like you say - with long cycles you just don't know when to BD because you could be at it for weeks! I think I have decided to use nothing next month - will just BD regularly between CD10 and 40. Looking out for EWCM. If I get to CD40 and no AF, I'll test. If BFN, will just keep BDing!! It is all so exhausting! What is the stork up to? I might start putting bird seed on our roof just to encourage it! Come share the PMA on our thread for late OVers! x
  • maybe invest in some better opks? i got the cbd ov tests to do this month? may be worth a go? sorry ur having probs image xxxxxxxxx
  • Love the bird seed idea - let me know if it works, lol.
    Sucks that its causing problems for you; perhaps you ov'd twice?! Some women do, although I think its normally closer together... not sure though. You never know though, you may just have caught it in time if you had a fast swimmer. Not over til the bitch gets you! x
  • Oops, that was meant to say witch... but either works! :lol:
  • Lol Garfield, must admit I prefered the first version. Hehe x
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