Where is Due in February?

As the title says, I'm wondering when the February forum will be put up as January is quickly filling up!

I'm feeling surprising optimistic and would love to join February AGAIN! My baby girl will be 3 in February and would love to have another February baby... I'm on CD19 so another week before I test :evil:

I'm sure it will be soon but I'm impatient :lol:


  • was thinking the same thing earlier!

    us january ladies will all squidge up and make room x
  • Thanx Berly, that's very kind of you ladies ;\)

    How are you feeling?
  • I have been looking every day too. Im only back on here but still hope I will be in DIF xxx
  • I'd be joining DIF too if we get it this month!!?!! It's the shortest month so I think BE should put that one up earlier hehe x
  • Forgot to say i'm CD19 today too! Our earliest test will be 1st June but plan to try and hold out til 5th (if i can!)
  • Yeah I was gonna post that the other day because Jans pretty full now!

    I'm on cd18 and I would love a feb bubba! Just in time for spring image

    Good luck ladies image
  • Think there are still a few days left to fill jan so prob by mid week it'll be up!!

    Good luck and lots of babydust

  • awww i hope i can join in feb 2011...i have done two First Responses now and both had feint lines, so fingers crossed the morning shows darker!!!!
  • Hi, I'm on CD21 now so if we're lucky enough to get a BFP this month then we'll be hopefully joining you ladies in DIF (positive thinking image ) xx
  • good luck ladies.

    i still have no pregnancy symptoms at all which does make me worried so might take myself to see the docs next week if still nothing by 6 weeks.
  • Due in February is still not up!!!

    I'm testing this w/e and if I get my bfp, I'm joining, so if it's not up, where will I go?!?!?! ;\)

    Silly BE people.... image
  • yes im the same...testing on sunday and wanna join the feb group!! image
  • Yes this is taking the p**s now. I wont be testing till end of June but it would be nice to see it up :\(
  • Maybe their putting it up :cry:
  • Just come and share ours girls!!! due in jan....we will just carry it on!! xxjen
  • Ahh bless you hun!

    You may have to extend your due date list so that we can pop on the end if we need!

    DIJ was up wayyy early and now DIF late?! Set yourself a reminder admin people!
  • perhaps admin have all gone awol.. no one is running the forum!!! eek anarchy in the ranks. come on admin get your finger...................
  • still waiting.... so we could start another battle on here and absolutely nobody is around to moderate and eliminate posts???????

    Happy Weekend Mrs. Webed!!!!

  • I'm intrigued..."another battle..."? Have they put it up yet? Hoping to be in that forum too! xx
  • sory for g/c...won't be up til earliest of tuesday now, all the web eds will be off for bank holiday...really they should've put it up in advance, especially knowing they weren't gonna be here for when peopel start getting feb bfps.

    hope its up asap so u can start migrating, and fingers crossed it'll fill up nice and quick xxxx
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