After 2 and a half years of trying and very irregular periods the doctor has finally prescribed clomid. I am only allowed 3 months and then its off to the fertility clinic for IVF!!!

Anyone else taken clomid? What are your experiemces? x


  • Hi wilmie, not got any experience of clomid sorry, but didnt want to r&r, and also wanted to wish you the very best of luck. Hope the clomid works for you xx
  • Hi wilmie yeah i was prescribed clomid after 18 mths of trying and i fell pg after 3 mths of taking it.
    It does have a high sucess rate and am seriously considering taking it again as i dont ov properly.
    You will be monitored and it does carry chances of multiple pregnancies, i had a scan a few days later after i found out and there was just the one , but i was over the moon it had worked.
    Good luck hope it works for you xxxxx
  • Thanks for your replies. I will not be monitored though. I have been given 3 months worth of 50mg and been told to go back after 3 months for an IVF referral if it does not work.
  • Good luck Wilimie and hope it works for you. I've just been put on Metfromin but really wanted clomid. They won't put me on it yet becasue of high risk of multiple birth due to multiple cysts on ovaries. Twins would be good, get all this mental pain over in one go!
  • Good luck Wilmie with the Chlomid, I had been trying for 3 years when they finally put me on Metforin then after a couple of months they put me on Chlomid. I only had to take it once and it worked!! I think it's fantastic stuff! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!! xx
  • Thanks Slow and mumma1. What dose were you put on mumma1?
  • I can't remember exactly, i think it was one? Which when I went for a scan they said it hadn't worked and to up my dose for the next month, but I guess they were wrong. Are you on metformin aswell or is it just the Chlomid? xx
  • Just clomid. The dose is 50 mg and the doctor is not going to review if it has worked until after 3 months Is this normal?
  • I took it twice. For five months in 2006 and 5 months this year and have a baby and another on the way. I think I'm quite rare for the sucess rate. Most fall pregnant quicker!
  • Hi Wilmie. I was prescribed 50mg of Clomid after years of irregular periods and it worked in the first cycle. I am now 12 weeks pg with twins !! The only side effect i got was bad ovulation pains. Surprised you have been prescribed 3 months with no monitoring though hope you won't need the other two packs !! - Good luck x
  • Hi Wilmie, are they scanning you each month to see how many folicles you have? xx
  • No nothing. She just said try for 3 months and if not we need to get a referral to a fertility clinic.
  • Hi Ladies,
    I have been prescribed 100mg Clomid this month, (first month), and have had follicle tracking scans at the hospital. I was given 50mg Clomid back in Dec though with no scans. The Clomid has worked and i have 1, possibly 2, follicles that are ready to release an egg in the next 24-36 hours apparently!!

    I have PCOS and have been off the pill for 14 months with no AF's and have not ovulated naturally at all.

    My cycle is gonna be 39 days though on the Clomid as am on CD 24 today already.

    I just really hope it works for me. Have read stories it works quite quickly and it is heartning reading the posts on here. Just have this niggling feeling its not gonna work image
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