OMG I'm going to the DR's


I have done it i made an appointment at the DR's for next week......

I was told by my old DR that i was to overweight to get preggers and i have a child already so just be glad....

Well in June 09 i moved DR and just now i have phoned them and got an appointment.......

After 19 months off ttc i have been so worried having my son made me unable to get preg i have done it i have an appointment :lol: i have also lost a bit of weoght so that will help image

O GOD now i am worried :lol:

gems x


  • Hey gembags,
    Just replied to you over in lttc. Dont worry about going to doctors, they will just do some simple tests and there may be straighforward reason why you havent had your bfp yet. At least you will be in the right place if they do find something wrong.
    Hope it goes ok. Lets us know how you get on xxxx
  • Good for you getting rid of your old doctor hon! I'm sure this new one will be much more helpful.

    Really hope he's able to help you out and figure out why its taking so long. Fingers are crossed that its something simple for you. Try not to worry about it (easier said than done I know), hugs xxx
  • Yay, I think it's about time after 19 months!! Just wanted to wish you lots of luck and if there is something wrong I hope it's trivial and can be sorted easily!! I'm always looking out for your BFP and will celebrate when you get it!
    Good luck hun xx
  • Good on you Gembags, I think it's a really good decision to go and get things checked. Wishing you loads of luck, I hope it goes ok and you get good news. Let us know how you get on.x.
  • What a dreadfully insensitive and incorrect Dr you had, i hope your new doc is much better!

    Good luck with everything xxx

    here,here, how terrible.

    I hope everything goes well and this dr can put their finger on whatever problem there may be.

    x x x x
  • Good luck at the doctors, its definitely a positive step and hopefully you'll get your BFP in no time x
  • Thanx Ladys

    I am bricking it now lol having 2nd thoughts image

    I am so worried what if i cant have anymore LO's

    Thanx PP how r u and LO??

    Jackie....... massive congrats on TWINS image image image

    gems x
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