want this 2ww to hurry!!

After 2 mmc last year this is our first month of trying and im super nervous!
Will be 14dpo next thurs so earliest i can test is sunday with a cbd, but am thinking this may be too early??
When can symptoms start??

I am never patient lol

xx emma xx


  • hi Baby now please When are you due AF
  • hi emma, when are you due AF??? im due on 27th april there or there abouts, ive just come off dianette at the end of jan and this is our 3rd month of trying i know exactly how you feel im so so impatient
  • Im due around weds28th/thurs29th.
    So sunday will be the 25th and i think cbd can test up to 4 days early.
    But am not sure if thats too early.
    With my last test im sure i tested early and got my bfp so am hoping same again.
    My last 2 pgs i was lucky enough to fall preg first time trying.
    baby dust to all image
  • hey babynow please image
    im also due weds/thurs! but im going by my 28 day cycle before my miscarriage at end of february.
    it took 35 days before i had 1st AF since the miscarriage but they do say it takes between 4-6 weeks so hopefuly im back to a 28 day cycle!! image thats wat im going by anyway!! image
    im not going to test untill thursday though jus cos i really dont want to see a BFN especially cos its our 1st month trying iswel and have been bding wen needed and im having few symptoms... will be gutting if i tested early and it sed bfn wen i could actually be pregnant!... try hold out till tuesday at least hun image xx
  • HI I will also be 14dpo next thurs but am trying not to think about testing early at 10dpo on sunday. Have had twinges sin my right hand side since 3dpo! and today a really aching lower back. I am going insane waiting!
  • I have been feeling a little sick and have gone off my food and i usually love my food lol.
    Also have been needing to wee more but dont know what to think about that as it says this doesnt start till about 6 weeks!?!
    Boobs are a little sore on the sides of them when i press in.
    Also just not feeling normal but i just think im imagining it all and i will get a bfn image
    Hate the waiting lol.
    I have bought a twin pack of cbd but am not going to be using them till maybe mon/tues.
    sending all the baby dust in the world to you ladies
  • Hey me again lol!!
    Im exactly the same as you babynowplease...
    not hungry at all and im always hungry... boobs are much different unless i prod them about and the nipples are a little sensitive... they look much fuller though and bit darker... im pretty stressy and tired iswel right now.
    i reckon i might have a 35 day cycle now cos of my miscarriaage but im guna go by my old 28 day cycle and im going to try not to test untill friday which means id be a day late.... good luck for a BFP!!! xx
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