OPK question

Hi ladies,

This is my first month of using OPK's and last night I got a positive. I thought that you were meant to get a few positive results over the few days leading up to ovulation but when I tested again tonight it was negative.

I didn't drink anything in the few hours leading up to testing so it can't be that my wee was too dilute.

Also my temp hasn't risen yet.

Has anyone else had this happen? Does it mean I've already ovulated? I'm SMEPing it this month so I think I'll continue to BD for a few more nights on the trot just in case! (And because hubby is really enjoying all of the naked fun! :lol: )

Any help / advice would be great! xx


  • Hi hun,

    I can't really be of any advice as I just used one OPK and 2 strong lines came up so we BD this month, why are you supposed to do one the next day too to check your still ov?

    If am still here next month lol we will have to help each other out as am bloody clueless at all this TTC malarky.

    Just wanted to add hope you have lots of fun BDing ha ha xx
  • I think (don't quote me) that it either means you've ov'd today or you didn't ov. I know it's possible to get your LH surge but not ov.
    I'd say if your temp has risen tomorrow then you've ov'd today.
  • Thanks for the help ladies! I think I'm getting mixed up with whether to keep testing or not as I've been reading about CBFM with several days of peaks and assumed I'd get several days of positives with OPK's!!

    My temps still haven't shifted but last month I didn't OV til CD17 and today is CD17!! Fingers crossed they'll go up tomorrow!

    Really hope we get a BFP, it'd be lovely to give my Grandma some nice news in January as it'll be 2 years since we lost my lovely Granda on the 18th so I'd love to be able to cheer her up with news of another great grandchild.

    Good luck and lots of baby dust to you all! xx
  • Hi,
    I use the cheap OPK's and I only ever get a positive line on one day. I'm doing the SMEP and it said to start testing on CD10 and continue for 10 days, I carried on the testing until around CD16. I got my positive opk on CD15 and then it was negative on CD16. Good luck x
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