CD1 anyone????

Af arrived this morning so I'm back to CD1. Anyone else out there around to join me as a cycle buddy??? :\)


  • Sorry shes found you,good luck for next month. I'm cd17 today.xx
  • i was naughty and did a test yesterday and got BFN so wasn't surprised. Didn't feel like we'd done it as had same sort of af symptoms as last month. Not too disappointed actually. onwards to attempt 6. hope you enjoy not having a 2ww!!
  • Hey im on CD1 today. I did a test yesterday as had some spotting on monday so though it might be implantation but no... she found me. and early too as i wasnt due af until tuesday.
  • Hi deputygibbon, I'm on CD6, so not too far infront of you. Really thought I'd done it this month, but sadly no. Anyway, PMA.. Onwards and upwards... July will be our month, I'm sure of it!image
  • hi honey,
    yeah cd1 for me too! af arrived during the night!!!
    was more releived as had BFN and was worried that cycle was going to be very long again! but 41 days is a big improvement from 50!!!
  • What a lot of company!! We'll be able to keep each other positive i'm sure. Good luck to all of us for july!!! (i've always liked july so hopefully it will be a bumper month for BFP's)
  • except i'm totally gutted, just looked at cycle dates and i'm not due next ov till 25th aug!!!! man its going to be a long wait!!!!
    back on agnus castus and temping!!!
    good luck everyone!!
  • oh bugger. That is a long wait for you. Hope the agnus castus starts shortening this for you.
  • Its lovely not being on 2ww, I had to really think what cd I'm on!!!
  • Hi DG, I'm CD2, I thought you were due yesterday too, so I posted similar post, and K-Lou. So girlies, back to the start eh.... felt rubbish today, stayed in bed 1/2 the day as oh away with lads. had a cry even though it's not that bad I'm only on month 7, but it made me feel better anyway. lp was only 9 days this time!! so much for the agnus castus and B6, maybe they haven't had chance to work yet. We're going to give it another month and if no luck go to doctors then. off to greece on sat so that should take my mind off it all.
    lucille XX
  • Hey,
    Im CD1 now too, all a bit of a palava but AF is officially here and I am physically feeling like s**t, lethargic, nauseaous, and generally shattered!!!

    Anyway, heres to a better month this month *raises a glass to toast* cheers ladies!!! ;\)


  • Oh, forgot to say that I will happily be your cycle buddy deputy gibbon!!! :lol:

    How long are you cycles? Do you know when you ovulate?


  • I'm CD 4, so not too far ahead. At least I know who is heading into July! xx
  • Hi there mrsS1258! My cycles vary a little from 24 to 29 since ttc and so ov dates are also variable but about cd12-14. Where are you from as i think i remember you saying you worked in Somerset??? I'm from Taunton. Hope you are feeling a bit better now. I've got an achey tummy and back and have felt a bit nauseous today but not too bad.
  • Hi,
    Yeah I work at Musgrove. Where do you work? As my ticker says, I usually ovulate around CD18 or so, I appear to have quite a short LP - although obviously it was a little longer this month!!

    Well, as you can say, we can all keep each other's PMA up this month and I will not be testing until CD32 from now on (despite my cycles previously being 28 days regular!!):roll:


  • I'm a supply teacher in Taunton mainly and don't live too far away from musgrove, about 10 mins walk away!!! I try not to test until af due day usually but was impatient this month. Hope the pma stays strong for us this month!!
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