hi girls i think i should prob no this as i already have 5 ds but this time iv got to bd a day b4 i ov as i would love a dd . But my af started on the 30th but it was only lil bit of spotting and the same on 1st but then full on on the 2nd so if im trying to work thing out do i count from the 30 or the 2nd??? I really hope ths make sense .I think iv confused myself!!lol
luv clare


  • I would count the 2nd as CD1 as thats when she was in full flow! Good luck hope you get the BFP soon x
  • aww thanks huni
    luv clare
  • oh whats your trick we have 3DD and would love a DD. XX
  • I would take cd1 as the day you get red blood so that would be the 2nd?

    I have read somewhere that if you want a girl that you should bd a little earlier than ov as cm is harder to swim through for those swimmers and so they take longer. The girl sperm are slower swimmers but get there in the end (hopefully!). If you are nearer ov, the cm is easier to swim through, so those boy sperm tend to get there before the girls as they are quicker swimmers.
  • Lol funshine just lucky i guess, i no you should be happy with what you get(and i am) but i really would like a dd this time, ive been taking calcium vitamins ect and trying to change my diet but i think i will end up with another ds but at leased ive tried and if i do have another ds i no what im doing with boys!lol
    luv clare
  • i know what you mean i love my girls more than life, and would be happy with another girl, but i would love a little boy. xx
  • hi mummy2.5,

    so glad u came over to this forum. how u keeping?

    an answer to ur question is i would count the 2nd as CD1.

    good luck with TTC

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