just need some more PMA.....

ok- kinda feeling down a bit-
12dpo today- temp dropped almost to coverline image tested yesterday 11dpo and bfn ( i know it is early but really wanted to see bfp on xmas day)

trying not to ss to much but have all the "normal" symptoms- the ones that can be either preg or af so tyring not to look into to much- af is due tues- and if she shows that will be onto month 16 for us- i can't handle it-

so, hoping that there is still hope of implantation at 12dpo and that is the drop in temp today and maybe just too early still to show a bfp-
i also had hsg test this cycle- and had read that it often is a good thing for bfp!!!

Fingers crossed for all of us-
thanks for reading just needed to vent a little- need to get my pma back up.......


  • Hey ally,

    i am keeping my fingers crossed for you, really hope you get your bfp this month x

    What is a hsg test? xx
  • it is an xray test- where they check that my tubes are open- since we have been ttc for so long- we have had lots of tests done and this was the most recent- the doc puts a water based dye directly into cervix and then xray- shows it to see if any blockages in my tubes- there were none- which is great news- but still leaves us with unexplained infertility- all of hubby's test were great also- so i had heard that sometimes the hsg test will "clear the pipes" that sounds weird, but it has worked for many couples- so just hoping we are one of those couples!!! thanks for the well wishes!!!
  • That worked for my sister and a friend of hers, both got 'flushed out' lol and were pg within 2 months of having it, so keep positive it could still be your month xxx
  • thanks Kaiti B!!!! i'm still hoping!!!!

    ok- here is a disturbing update- at my spin class this morning- i had a very small bit of brown spotting- hasn't happened since- not due af till tues, 12dpo- could i have a late implantation spot? i tested yesterday with a bfn- just feeling a little "different" this cycle- :\?:\?

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