CBD tests??? why?

Sorry if I offend anyone but why are so many people obsessed with CBD hpt's when 2 lines on a test is a bfp! I know it is nice to see the words but I have read so many people say -oh I won't believe it until I do a CBD' - if you got two lines on an hpt then CBD's are no more reliable - only that they detect a higher HCG and so won't show your bfp up until your hcg is higher, I know all that and that yes it would be reassuring to see that your hcg is high enough to register on it, but still, sorry I just don't understand! :\)


  • I totally agree with you! I have to say when I found out I was pregnant I did 3 tests as I just wanted to be extra sure-haha. I read about woman doing CBD every week until they say 3+, its mad! Then they stress if they don't say 3+ and should, why tortuure yourself?? I also feel the same about dopplars (sp??) I think you could drive yourself insane with them-i know I would. xxx
  • Haha, I *totally* agree in theory, but I have to say that once I got my BFP I immediately really wanted to do a CBD to see it in writing (and proceeded to do so!) *Hangs head in shame*

    It's not at all that I didn't believe the first BFP - I was just so over-excited about actually seeing the word I could barely contain myself.

    It was also the way I had planned to tell hubby (making him close his eyes and then holding the test up for him to read when he opened them) and it worked really well - I think it may have lost its impact without being in writing as I know he would have just looked at two lines and said 'err... what's that?' rather than understanding straight away!

    I did think to myself afterwards that I was foolishly pumping money into the hands of ClearBlue who probably make huge profit by playing on this very need / urge that some of us seem to have but I freely admit - I am very weak and just couldn't resist the urge to see that word 'Pregnant' pop up!

    So yes - totally agree that it is unnecessary and a total waste of money... but for me it was just oh so very nice to finally see that amazing word!

    I figure that at the end of the day most of us humans waste far more money on other totally unnecessary things, and for something that has such an amazing feel good factor about it at such a special time, if you really want to do it then don't feel bad about it!

    I do take my hat off to anyone who doesn't have the urge or can resist it though: you are a stronger woman than I! xxx

  • I guess that having had 3 mc's and having bloods done to confirm the last 2 pg's, I know that nothing can really be sure, maybe that's my issue with it, I know that one day all can be fine and the next not, I don't know I just feel like it's totally unnecessary if you already have a bfp!

    I do understand you showing dh tilty though as men wouldn't get it otherwise :lol: But for those that just have to do it to 'be sure' and also those that do serial cbd's to see it go from 1-2, 2-3 & 3+ I just don't get it as I would have had 3 cbd's that say pregnant 3+ and it meant nothing it doesn't mean anything more than a normal test as they are not sensitive enough to be quantitive. Now if they gave you a hcg level then I would see the point!!! Maybe I should figure out how to do that, I would make a fortune!!!

    Oh I'm probably just and old cynical bag! :lol:

    I think you saw my note on your other thread but congrats on your bfp tilty image
  • I sort of agree. I see no need in repeated testing to see if it goes up to 2-3 and then 3+ BUT I know some people (including myself) who have done them as they have been worried the 2nd line on the other test has been an evap or your imagining it :lol:

    I very nealry went and bought some today to see if I have got my 3+ but stopped myself as it may cause me more worry and if something is going to go wrong it will whether I use a CBD or not :roll:
  • because there is no denaying the words pregnant, hubby rekoned he couldnt see a line on my pregnancy test but surprisingly could see the big ass words pregnant 1-2, i think it is reasuring to see the words esp as so many ladies seem to be getting evaps x
  • I don't see any harm in it. x
  • Just a quick question along the lines of CBD's? Forgive me as I am naive about them as I have never used one.....so how does the little screen work? as in what powers it to work digitally?? I like conventional HPT's as you can keep the stick as a momento.....but can you do that with the CBD's? or will the screen stop working after a while?
  • Grrr BE ate my first response.....
    I have a question regarding CBD's.....forgive for being naive as I've never used a CBD...how does it work? as in how is the little screen powered to make it digital?
    I ask this because I like to keep the HPT as a little momento ( well at least I will when I'm lucky enough to keep a sticky bean) and I wonder if you can do this with a CBD or whether the screen would fade after a while?? although TBH I doubt I'd use one due to the price when you can get a normal HPT for a fraction of the cost

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  • The result dissapears in 24 hours so I take pics xxx
  • BOB - yes I did see your other message - thanks ever so much for the congratulations! I know it's really early days and I'm trying not to get too excited, but I am really happy (albeit petrified at the same time about all the risks etc.)

    I think for me the CBD thing was partly a good way to tell hubby, and also just part of enjoying that truly amazing moment of my first ever BFP... I couldn't agree more that it is not necessary/ total waste of cash etc. - but it was just an incredibly fun thing to do and exciting experience, and therefore (for me at least) worth a few quid!

    I totally understand your logic though and, God forbid if anything were to go wrong with this pregnancy I don't know whether I'd do the same in future... probably not in fact... I just couldn't resist it for that very first BFP! xx
  • I guess I see your point about evaps but faint lines wouldn't show a +ve on a CBD though either as the CBD's are less sensitive - I'm not knocking anyone for doing it especially if you have the money (even if you don't I suppose) just curious why really, as I have never felt the need at all to do it with all 3 of my bfp's even when it started off faint but ladies on here constantly say 'well I won't believe it until I see a CBD!' I believe it without one!!! image A line is a line is a line :lol:

    I have to add my BSc and MSc are in science/medical maybe that's my cynicism as I know you won't get a line without the hormone being present......I'm very science minded!
  • Eek Bob I am one of the crazy ones that tested each week with them to see the reading change when I was pregnant with our ds. I think I'd do it if I ever get pregnant again too, I just wouldn't be able to help myself. I do trust the lines though, I just want more! x
  • I will be a first time mum as I've lost all my beans so far - 4th time the charm though I hope! :\)
  • g/c Hay BOB hope your well (4th times a charm hun xx )

    I didn't see any point in them either only ever did one and that was it image My OH could not see the 2nd line and he kept saying thats not a line as its not dark enough i was 16dpo and the line was a good line but my OH still would not believe me lol so i got one and even then he said well it could be wrong :lol: men x It was only at 20dpo ish when the SD test line was darker then the control line he said OMG ur preg hahaha xx

    Now its me that needs telling i am preg's image

    gembags xx
  • I think cbd are good if your not 100% sure of your test. When I was first pg we got a very very faint cross on a cb normal and we bought a cbd because we were new to it all and wanted to know for sure.
    Second time I was pg after the mc my asda own test was so strong and so clearly positive we never bothered with a cbd!
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