DPO 12 - Im going to test

Hi ladies
Well im on DPO 12 today, not convinved I am pregnant as DH and I didnt have enough sex last month in my opinion, still it only takes the once right! I used to have regular cycles although last month my cycle was 40 days. Im currently on CD 32 and DPO 12. So based on lasts months irregular AF i could just be running late. However I was really stressed last month and this month havent been so im hoping for a regular AF again.

Do you think I am daft wanting to test DH initially wanted me to wait a bit, but I think he will want me to test asap, was going to go and get a test - do it tonight and then if I havent come on later in the week test again using FMU

What do u think, would you do anything different? xx


  • once in an entire month? or just once around the time you ovulated? my DH has perfomance issues so he dosent ejaculate very often its causing me so much anxiety but he did ejaculate the day before ovulation and a few days before that! x
  • good luck hun! xxxxxx
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