BFN and then AF an hour later!!

So I knew we hadn't bd'd at the right time this month but you always have that little glimmer of hope don't you? So i did a test this morning (day before af due) even tho hubby was telling me to be patient and wait I just couldn't!! So got a bfn, then an hour later Af arrived! What a waste of a test! And I used a cbd which is the most expensive one!! Next month I'm going to try and hold out until af is late!! Oh well at least I know I'm regular as I only came off the pill 2 months ago after being on it for 14 years straight so that's a positive I guess! Onto month 3..... Good luck to all you ladies testing this weekend xx


  • Hiya Broody,

    I know exactly what you mean. I used 11 hpts in a space of 2 weeks and then the AF came. Im terrible. Very annoyed about the amount of money ive spent.

  • Hey, this happened to me last month, used an SD test and literally soon as put it in the bin i started spotting.
    Good luck for next month x
  • aww hun - so sorry!
    A few months ago the same happened to me - I was almost a wk late - plucked the courage to test n literally after i had POAS i wiped n there it was - af!

    Good Look for this month

  • Aww i no what you mean about not being able to wait to test im the same !! Well good luck for next month huni.
    Luv clare
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