To test or not to test that is the question!

Hi Ladies,
I have not been on here for a while, have been lurking over in LTTTC.
The thing is AF is due on Thursday i think (cycles been a bit irregular over past few months) but it is my works christmas do tomorrow night. Do I test early, having taken a solom vow never to test early again, and then know whether I can have a drink without worrying, or should I wait and see and just avoid the alcohol?
What are you all doing over the party season, are you testing early or avoiding alcohol ?

Hope your all well
Baby dust to you all
YC xx


  • Hi there,

    How many DPO are you? would it show up?

    I tested twice lol at 4DPO, 7DPO because I am an idiot and didnt realise oh well am part way thru 1ww so am testing friday morning unless I hang out and see if AF arrives.

    When are you going to test? tomorrow morning??

    I was ok to drink at my xmas party because I ovulated after that and this is our 1st month but am not sure what excuses am going to come up with for not drinking over xmas!!

    Let me know how you get on xx

  • Hey pet, I'm not due to test til new years eve so I'm afraid I'll just be avoiding alcohol! It's not too much of a hardship tho as I don't drink much anyway. If I were you I'd just test & if it's positive, great, if not then just 'proceed with caution'!!! x
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