I'm confused... what would you ladies do???

Hi this is my story so far...

My last 'real' cycle started around the 3/02 we decided now was the time to start trying for a second (after a long 7 year gap!) image

I stopped taking my pill straight away and with forward thinking I probably should have finished the pack but I finished taking it on the 13/02 and had a withdrawal bleed beginning on the 16/02. So going by my normally very accurate 28day cycle I should've had another period by now, but nothing????

I've had lots of symptoms like sore nipploes and swollen boobs and abdominal cramping which I know can also be similar to the symptoms of coming off the pill. I did a CB digital test yesterday morning which was negative....

I'm just wondering what you ladies would do?? docs? test again or just wait and see what happens???

Thanks for reading, baby dust to all of you xxx


  • Hi pet,

    Not sure the doctors would do anything yet, so if I were you I'd wait and maybe test with a superdrug test (they're cheaper and more sensitive than CB digital!) every 5 days or so until you either get a BFP or AF shows up.

    It's early days, and as you didn't finish your last packet of pills I'm not sure where that would place you on a cycle.

    Good luck! xx
  • Thanks **MrsR** I'm not thinking about it too much at the moment, as you say it is early days and my cycles are probably going to be a bit all over the place for a few months...

    image xxx
  • Fingers crossed your cycles settle down soon and you get that BFP! xx
  • I'm just no good at this waiting game! But as the saying goes best things come to those who wait.... I think I was approx 4mths in with my first but that was a while ago! image xx
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