Need some help!

Hi girlies, need some am super confused about my stoopid ovulation! I do OPKs and BBT.

Right, am on CD18.

Took a superdrug OPK on CD13 and was negative

Took a clearblue opk on CD14 and got a smiley face! Yay!

Got concerned on CD16 as I hadn't had a temp rise, so took another clearblue OPK, negative

Took a superdrug OPK on CD17 and it was a very clear positive (tiny temp rise, 36.3 to 36.4)

Took a clearblue OPK on CD18 and it was negative (now had a bloody temp drop, 36.4 to 36.2)

Had a sudden hot flush at work today, still have very hot cheeks and tingly BB ends. Took a superdrug OPK a few minutes ago and got a definite positve, but also took my temp and its 36.9!

I know that temperatures will rise during the day and mine have before, but never by that much. See why I'm confused!?

Sorry for the essay, and thanks in advance!!! lol!!!

Hope everyone is getting on okay. Big super love and hugs to Gembags, Little wolf and SD! xxxxx :lol:


  • Hi hun,

    I wondered where you were at? so you have had two ov surges?? thats a bit weird init! Could you already be pregnant maybe, sorry I cant be much help.

    Hope you've done plenty of Bding just incase and fingers crossed for you hun x


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  • Hey sweetie, done plenty of bding, both very knackered and confused! lol! Yeah I think I may have done, but the temps don't fit in with the OPKs. So much for a more relaxed month!

    Didn't know if anyone had had the same thing?

    You ok chook?

  • I only started using CBD OPK's this cycle got my smiley after wasting a whole box of 7!! just cos I have long cycles and started testing early, the thought never crossed my mind to test again so once we got smiley we BD twice that night and 3 nights in a row, havent had sex since both been too tired and working hard.

    Am ok chick nearly out of my 2ww and its looking fairly positive done 2 FR tests and had very faint lines but dont want to get my hopes built up as we all know what faint lines can mean.

    I wont believe I am ever pregnant until i see those magical words!!

    Glad your ok and nice to have you back xx
  • Yay!!! Whispering heeuge congrats hunny! After all you've been through, you most definitely deserve it,

    I'm good, took some time out to relax, I think its done the trick. Nice to be back, theres so many new faces! Hoping to join you soon xxxxxx
  • Cool hun, well I havent really announced my BFP yet as early days but symptoms are looking positive just hope the witch stays away and doesnt crash the party!!

    Thanks hun and yeah would be great if you could join me yey xx
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