Tersco test, faint line

I've lost the instructions but got a faint line in the test window today. No where near as dark as the control line, but definately there. I'm on the first day I could do a test, this is 28 days since lmp.


I'll do another in the morning anyway but wish I had the instructions to check!


  • I've read repeatedly that a line is a line sooooooo *whispers* congratulations! Let us know what happens x
  • woohoo! *whispers* congrats, test again in a few days and should a nice fat strong one image xxxxx
  • a line is a line hun definitely.....woo woo congrats xxxxx
  • catiously very pleased! :\) I'm buying another test today (may even shell out for a more expensive one!) and I'll test again in the morning. First month of trying, last time it took 6 months, then had mmc at 3 months then took another 4 months to get BFP!

    I'll let you know (after the next 12 hours trying not to think about it!)
  • lol hopeing uve done it then!

    *stickyness* good luck xxx
  • Good Luck hun hoping to see a massive BFP on here xxxx
  • sounds good...good Luck hon xx
  • wooohoooo...excellent news!! big congrats xxxxxxx
  • Hi hun,

    I've posted a pic of a test i've done this morning on the thread "The insane gang- the lucky chapter." It's on page 6 i think. That's an asda's own and i think they're pretty similar to tesco.

    Have a look, i'm pretty sure mine's a BFP but it is very faint!

    Good luck
  • Hi, g/c. I got my positive on a tesco test on cd 30, AF was 2 days late. It really was a very faint line, but got stronger & I'm now 9+3. I too had to check a few times though! Congratulations & hope to see you over in pregnancy soon xx
  • Couldn't wait til the morning, bought a first response (designed to work with even weaker levels of hormones) and got a strong BFP!!!

    Oh my!

    Good luck to everyone on here, I've been lucky 1st month this time but had my toils in the past and feel for you all.
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