Does anybody here have this??? Sorry i am doin gmy stress thing again but before i went on the pill my periods were sooooo heavy and very very painful. Now we are going to start trying all sorts have been running through my head and last night I read in the Zita West book about Fibroids - wished I had not - and all the stuff sounds just like me.

Now i could be stressing for no reason at all as i am sure you have seen by now i am a huge worrier but I was wondering if anybody else had this at all?

K xxx


  • Don't have them(well, dont think so!), so no advice except if it really sounds like you do have them is it worth asking your gp? Good luck huge worrier!!!x
  • image I know well I am just freaking myself out I think, I read something and freak out i have it ;-( will see if i get my AF this week if not have to go back to him anyway as that will have been the second one I have missed in a row.

    God i need to chill out.

    K xxxx
  • Oh really?? i was told there are not many signs with them at all. Just heavy bleeds pains in the belly around this time and being bloated which i am all the time

    K xxxx
  • Hi there,

    I have 2 fibroids (one is the size of a strawberry) and had no side-effects from them at all.

    Fortunately, they are growing up into me rather than down into the uterus - so wont make any problems for the baby (I'm 14wks pg).

    At my last scan they measured them and they have gone down in size - which is apparently natural during pregnancy.

    If I were you, I'd arrange to have a scan at your local hospital if you're v.worried. Usually they don't cause too many problems unless they are very large or if they are in the lower part of the uterus.

  • K-Lou,
    I dont want to upset you, but lets try not s. I had heavy bleeding and didnt notice, bloating and pains during my periods. I also had 3 miscarriages.....until hub and i decided to go for fertility tests and wham! I had 3 fibroids, one as big as the head of a new baby, one size of an average orange and another strawberry size. Apparently, they have made my womb dia home and will struggle with any invaders( pregnancy). I never went pass 10 weeks. Sooo, I had all of them REMOVED tru surgery in December 07, and was back to normal in 2 weeks. I have just finished going tru my ICSI programme wia they had my eggs collected and fertilised with my hubbys sperm. 8 eggs were collected, and 3 were very good and 2 will be put back into me on saturday and 2 weeks later do a pregnancy test and then wham bam!!!!
    Fibroids are Myomas and they grow where there is blood. It is benign and depends on where it is located.
    My advice is to get checked and not to waste precious time, which i did (4years) and now I am 38, but have a 9 year old son. If i had checked earlier, i would have had all the treatment years back and possibly have another child or children now.
    Sorry, dont need to frighten you, but if i had a choice i will reverse the hand of the clock to wia i couldve had myself checked on the first possibility.
    Feel free to ask me any Qs, i have gone tru it and i will keep you posted in 2 weeks time for my pregnancy result.
    Goodluck. Dly
  • wow Dly thank you very much for getting back to me, I feel bad talking about this or even worrying about it as i am not even sure this is something that I have. A friend of mien has it and is now trying for a baby.

    I do get heavy periods or at least i did when i was off the pill. iuse to have no pain at all but use to faint due to losing os much blood. Then the pains started cramps and back ache where the worst.

    Since the pill i have not haad any of that but am always bloated. Though in saying that i due I think suffer from IBS so I am wondering if it is just that.

    I thought you had to have 3 mc's first before they would test you for things like this?? I am due my af today or tomorrow and then we were going to think about trying this month.

    Do you think i should still do that??

  • Ok fab I will start trying and see what happens if I worry about this anymore I might have a word with him. Sadly my doctor is not very helpful at all. Whenever i go about anything i don;t feel i get his full attention and he normaly passes all pains as growing pains which do my head in .

    Today I have told myself to stop ove thinking everything as you can see this is what i do a lot LOL and to just sit back and let life do it;s thing. i can't do anything till AF shows her face if she does as all and if she does not then I will be asking for a scan to make sure all is well.

    Thanks girls for talking to me abou this.

    K xxx
  • K,
    Yes i agree with Mrs A totally. Give it a try and Goodluck. Dly
  • Thanks honey image I wish you all the best, I will have everythign crossed for you, keep us postedimage

    K xxxxx
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