Am I weird???

As you know i had hubbies permission to test Thurs as AF is due today - but I just 'know' I am preg, I felt this way when I fell preg with my lo and only took a test to prove to hubbie so I could buy decaff products!!!

I would now happily wait till Sat to test as I feel so certain (will kick myself and look and idiot if I am not now won't I :lol: ) I even went to the chemist today to check they had HPT so I can buy one later to test with tomorrow and I didn't feel the need to buy one there and then!! image

So am I weird?!


  • Not weird at all...ive 'known' everytime im pg...just didnt have the restraint not to test :lol::lol:

    Now i will leave again as i shouldnt be here...have 6 months to wait :evil:
  • ohhhhh sorry to hear youhave to wait woomummy! image Thanks for making me feel more 'normal' though!
  • I knew with my son and I just knew with mc...... With my Chem preg i was cd15 and just knew image I tested and had the darkest BFP ever but it didnt stay and when OH asked y i tested i just said ''i knew i was preg and HAD TO'' :lol:

    Good Luck and hope it a Big Big FAT POSSSSS for you xxxxxx
  • So ufair, we would be TTC now but i have a trip in April that i cannot miss, and wont be ideal to be pg then....Evan is one in March, so hoping il fall straight away (will try in April) as i want the baby here before his 2nd birthday image

    Goodluck and look forward to seeing your BFP tomorrow! x
  • Oooh hope you are!

    AF came yesterday so my ss was duff! Back to the drawing board for me & OH.
  • no your not weird!! Hope you get your BFP soon xx
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