I'm Back! My Laptop went into hospital!

Sorry Ladies!

My laptop died - and I've been unable to get on here!!!!!

How is everyone and whats the gossip - what did I miss!!!!!



  • welcome back hun!! xxx
  • Nice to have you back!! My only gos is that my donor couldn't make it so I'm not suffering the 2ww! How are you?
  • So nice to have you back, was wondering where you'd been. Missed you and your chats on facebook. I've had my scan and not what i wanted to hear, there is a post on here somewhere about it. How are doing?
  • Hey Girlies!
    Well I'm on round two of Clomid - and the test results for day 21 (well day 22 as day 21 on a sunday) showed a level of progesterone over 150 - so think this means I ov'd! So I'm on day 28 now - although this morning after bding I didn't notice til we got up - but there was a little blood on the sheets - so this is either spotting or the start of af! I have been having really bad cramps for quite a few days now! Normally early afternoon and very painful!

    Other than that - I am still having side effects - hot flushes and water retention and bloating - none of my clothes fit!!!! The constipation is the worst thing! Is all of that TMI...lol!!!

    Oh the joy....lol!!!!!

    Still having day 29 tests tomorrow so will see what the results say on Wednesday!

    Baby dust to you all ladies!


  • Good news that your ov mummywannabe, not so good news about side effects or af coming though!! Good luck for Wednesday. xx
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