A couple of questions...

Well today i received my goodie bag from Access Diagnostics!!! Well it was a goodie bag to me, i got a thermometer to chart my BBT, an ovulation microscope and 5 cheapie pregnancy tests.

I have officially lost my "cheapo pregnancy test" virginity!!!

It says on the instructions for my thermometer that i need to chart my BBT from CD1, well i don't know when that will be, is there anyway to chart it on FF without starting from CD1???

Secondly i understand how to use my ovulation microscope, mine says i can either lick the lense or drop some saliva on it. The question i have is can i do it anytime of the day and can i do it every day and also how do i clean the lense???

I was amazed when i got all my stuff, i tried the ov microscope and they were all crystalized which i knew anyway so i am not OVing at the moment but i just loved the way i could look so closely at it!!!

I really wanted to POAS when i saw my cheapies but i thought i may get some more and have them in the cupboard and then when it gets to much i can just pee on one :lol:

tink xxxx


  • Can't really help with your questions hun, just wanted to add that I love cheapy preg tests. When I had some I did one every day from about 5dpo :lol:

    Oh did you get your CBFM sold? I think Shuck was thinking of getting one but I haven't seen her around for a few days xx
  • hi hun, i think if you lodded your last af date it would then let you got to whatever cd it is today and put your temp in, i hope that makes sense hun,xxxx
  • Yeah that makes sense angel. I will do this then. If i have to wait until CD1 then i will do and just use the OV microscope.

    BB i havent sold the CBFM yet as far as i know so it is still open to people on BE xx
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