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hey i'm new here... Me and my huband are discussing trying for a baby. My life is a tad odd, I was 16 and he was 20 when we got married... we have been married going on 3 years now... yes i know i am very young, i understand that completly. lol but I homeschooled myself in highschool and was graduated before i was married, and my husband has a great job, we had our first home built last year and i love it so much. I had a good job but was forced to quit about 2 months ago due some health problems i was having and my mom has been diagnosed with cancer and the drs have given her about 6 months to live... my husband is in college and i am debating still o what to go for... ok that sums up my life a bit. In my opinion, i have a 'different' life then most teenagers, lol, im deffinately not ur notmal teenager,never have been, i consider myself more marture then most but NEwayz... what this post is about just needing advice... how soon is too soon? We feel we are ready to move on with next step and our whole marriage we have proved to people we can do it and we are doing it... I know i'm young but i guess you just need to know me personally to get me. but if anyone could just through some advice out there for me... we are trying to look at both sides, pros and cons... if we do decide to have babies now we will continue school... so anyway... ya, just looking for some advice from ya'all who just went through the same thing... thanks


  • Hi and welcome to the site, firsty i'm not going through what you are so can't offer advice on that, as i am 25 nearly 26, married a year blah blah blah!!
    Anyway, when you are ready you are ready. If you have been married 3 years and feel you have a stable relationship and have the need and want for a baby and feel that you can support it emotionally and financially then i don't see a problem with it. There are plently of girls on here that are young still and feel its the right time to ttc so if you think you are both ready to do then go for it. Good luck hun in what ever you decided. xx
  • Hi honey, my situtation isn't quite the same but i am a young mum.
    I'm 23, married at 21 and have a daughter who will be 3 in november- we're are currently ttc #2.
    I don't think there really is any perfect time to start a family, although i would say its best to make sure you have some way to support the baby. but young or old it doesn't matter.
    I fell pg with ellie when i was 19 and had her at 20, a lot of people judged us and many ppl assume that we live in a council house and have everything paid for (nothing wrong with that of course) but that isn't the case.

    Sorry for the ramble but my point is it doesn't matter if you are young or not if ur ready to take on the commitment of a child then go for it.....if ur worried about ur partner still studying then if u work hard u'll manage it (i graduated from uni a yr and a half after having dd!!!)

    Best of luck ttc, babydust. xxxx
  • hey, again, my situation is different but here goes...i got married at 19, graduated university at 21 and 24 now, ttc our first. I think you just know when you are both ready. People said we were too young to get married (hes the same age as me) and were quite judgemental...but i wouldnt change it for the world.
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