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Hi Ladies - I am new to this but what a great site! I'm just after a bit of advice and to see if anyone else has gone through the same...I came off the pill just after Christmas to start trying for a baby, since then I have only really had one proper period. In between I have been having what seems to be anovulation bleeding, very little brown bleeding. I was never really regular before I started on the pill 2 years ago. Just before I get these ???????periods??????? my mood swings are horrendous, I become very aggressive and snappy for no reason. I am worried I don't ovulate because I am not having proper periods, my cycle is around 40+ days. I want to go and see my GP but I am worried if he will turn me away until after 12 months of trying???:\?

Hello again - we went to the doctors on Friday and my GP was very good. He has arranged for me to have some blood tests to see if I am ovulating, have polycystic overies and a couple more tests. While my hubby is going for semen analysis to see if his sperm is normal. I'm going for my blood tests on 18th and it will take upto a week to get my results back. I couldn't sleep last night thinking what will I do if I have polycystic overies - is that it, will that make me infertile?? What are the options - IVF?? :\?

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  • Hello and welcome to the site!

    Don't worry about your GP - just go! I had disrupted periods after taking the pill, and I only waited three months (am dreadfully impatient) before I went.... good luck.
  • Hi Pont2, you sound very similar to me!
    I stopped taking the pill in January and had my withdrawl bleed, then one period after a 51 day cycle (didn't ovulate I'm sure) and now on day 103 of this cycle. The last few days I've had a tiny amount of brown blood when I wipe but not a period.
    I went to my doctor about 3 weeks ago and he said it's normal, come back if things are still not right in 5 months. I'm getting very frustrated in the meantime and it's actually very very upsetting. I thought (hoped) I might be pregnant by now, not still waiting for a period!

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  • that is exactly whats happening to me. I have been off for over 2 months and have just had a slight bit of brown and nothing else. i am going to the docs though on mon so you should def go!
  • Moomin - so sorry to hear that. Its terribly frustrating. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  • Hi - thank you for your replys. Will get on the phone to my doctors today and make an appointment - will let you know how I get on. Best of luck to you all in the meantime! x
  • yeah definitly go to the doctors. before i came off the pill i went for a health check and they said that if theres no look with ttc after about a year to go back and they can do some tests and stuff.
  • Hi Pont

    Just saw your update. Really pleased for you that the doctor is doing some tests. Wish my doctor was as proactive!!

    Don't worry about the possibility of PCOS. It is not a death knell for ttc. Plenty of people with this condition still go on to conceive naturally. But the most likely thing is that if they discover that you are not ovulating (because of this or for any other reason), they will probably prescribe you something like Clomid or Metformin, which will induce ovulation and you'll soon be on your way to a BFP!!! The best thing is that the ball is rolling so don't worry yourself about the outcome just yet.

    Best of luck and let us know how you get on on the 18th xx
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