first response-super drug?

from all your experiences, which tests are better to use 14dpo? im going to re-test tomorrow and hope the lines darken but unsure which test to get xx


  • i persoanally found the FR the best although a lot of ladies found the superdrug a darler line, and they are cheaper,

    saw your post on pregnancy and the CBD take a while to say pregnant

    good luck x
  • thats a positive then, that could mean all 6 cheapies wernt wrong right? and just too early for cbd? xx
  • i got faint lines on the ebay ones quite early and a decent line on a FR day before AF was due x
  • i might get a fr one tomorrow, do u know how much they are on average? how far gone are you? and how many days past ov did u get your faint pos? xx
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