Aargh - somebody restrain me - I only went and tested again!

What is bloody wrong with me? After deciding to wait until the end of the week I got home last night and fainted (not that dramatic for me as I have low BP) but my husband made me test and I got another BFN. Now on CD30 (have had a 27 day cycle for the last seven months) and am feeling rotten - still have stomach cramps, nausea, a splitting headache and hot flashes. Am starting to think it's the menopause image

Think I'll now wait until Sunday when I'll be a week late and if no BFP will go to GP.


  • On no Hunni, so sorry to hear you got a BFN. . . Are you feeling any better now?? Try not to give up hope just yet, save ome PMA till sunday then go to the doctors.

    I couldnt hold out until tomorrow let alone sunday and got a BFN and let i thought id try again to double check this morning and still a BFN... so i know now im 100% not pregnant, and thinking about im not sure if i even ovulated?

    Chin up hun xxx
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