Evening ladies :-)

We've now moved back to England - the move was a bit fraught, but alright eventually.

We're in our new home, with our cats, and all is well with the world image

Missed you all!


  • Welcome back!!! I'm being naughty - I shoudn't be on here til after my exams next week but i can't resist!!!!

    Chat soon.
  • Hello petal!!! oooh, good luck for the exams!!!
  • Think I'm gonna need it by the bucket loads - so if you're sprinkling any baby dust can you mix it with a little good luck dust too!!! My Af is due slap in the midddle of them on Tuesday!!

  • Thanks A. Yep, back onto it for June image I have enjoyed my chilled month though!!

    Em, sending bucketloads of both kinds of dust to you, and some fizzy sherbert just for fun image
  • Hi gypsy and welcome back. Pleased you had a good move.
  • Welcome back gypsy. Its good to see a old (not literally) favourite back. Glad move went well.
  • Nice to have you back. OT but did your cats need passports?Good luck with the ttc.xx
  • Hi Gypsy and welcome back! Glad to hear the move went well and your cats are there with you!

    Best of luck for the next month of ttc!
  • Hello lovelies image Thanks for the messages image

    hjanea - the cats stayed in England as when I went out it was only for 6 months and they had to stay for 6 months abroad - if anything had gone wrong we'd have had to stay out there just for them. They lived with my brother for a year, but seem happy to be "home".

    Hi Moomin image How are things with you chick? x x
  • Good thanks! I started acupuncture on Saturday and have a second one tomorrow. Still only had one AF since coming off the pill in January image On CD 56 now and still no show!
    How are you getting on? We have to catch Powderpuff up!
  • Oooh, acupuncture is something to look at now I'm back.

    Bah to stupid cycles after coming off the pill. Mine were consistent to start with bu have got steadily longer the last few months. I did ask the doc the other day (had a bad cold so went to see him) if there was anything to worry about and he was unconcerned, so that pleased me.

    We're both starting at the gym tomorrow (eeek!) and looking forward to ttc in June. Don't think we did anything this month - my boobs are already starting to hurt a week before af is due which seems to be normal for me image
  • Welcome back Gypsy, where were you living by the way? (sorry to be nosy). When I moved to Spain I brought my cat so he had a passport but we knew it's be more long term. DH is hoping to move again elsewhere though when he gets a new job so lucks like we'll be going through it again and now have a dog too!

    Goodluck at the gym, I could do with going again but now we have 1 car it's a pain, any excuse!

    My cycles were doing better but have now started to go up again so know how frustrating it is. I'm going to try a.c when I get af. Goodluck and welcome back x
  • Hi Porky - we were in Berlin. It was ace! If we'd known it was for a year (hubby was there just over 2 in total) then the cats would deffers have gone with us!

    We've joined a gym 5 mins walk away image We're very lucky!

    Good luck for next month x x
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