crazy symptom spotting .... stop the madness!!

Hey lovely ladies,

I just had to post and let you all know that I am going nuts already !!


1) Sunday morning ... felt a bit sick and over tired ... thought " ooooohhhhh...I wonder?" ... LOL ... nope, just too much Rose wine on Sat night, and needed a number 2 (tmi)

2) Monday ... achey feeling in my lower left side most of the day .... thought "ooooohhh... I wonder?" ... was also ravenous when I woke up! Wonder if it was OV, but no cm to speak of.

3)Tuesday (today) ... achey feeling still low down on the left side of my tummy, was ravenous when I woke up, and didn't want to get out of bed... got so stressed with myself that I did an opk this morning and it was negative ...HMMMMPH!

Seriously just need a slap, and to be told to calm down... any takers? LOL



  • I am right there with you Keri-Anne!! It's only month 1 for me, and I'm like a sponge soaking up all of the info I can find on ttc on the internet LOL

    Fingers crossed for you hun ... really hope you get your BFP soon!!

  • Me too! I'm exactly the same! I have been having lots of twinges and cramps particulary in my left side? And feel drained, and had lots of discharge! But I'm very very wary of getting my hopes up as I had all this for the whole time I was waiting for af to come after coming off the pill! So could still be the effects of the pill? X
  • It's funny how we home in on the slightest little twinge isn't it! I'm the same, lots of twinges on my left side, but this afternoon it's moved low down in my tummy - convinced it's af getting ready to strike, but wouldnt it be marvellous if it was something else LOL

    I'm sure it's going to take some time for us all to calm down after coming off various contraceptives ... but you just never know ...PMA!!

  • Hi girlies,
    I've been the same, having strong twinges on the left side and slight cramping in the cervical area for well over a week now. Not due on until the 10th but af seems to have put in an early appearance - not sure though as only red when I wipe and red/brown on a panty liner (sorry to gross you out with tmi but we're all doing it! LOL).
    I'm presuming its the start of af!

    Babydust to us all (that or I hope I lose internet connection for a month to stop myself coming on here!) xx
  • I'm only 4dpo and woke this morn to very tender boobs. Not had cramping though but still early days. I was doing best not to ss but now I'm questioning every twinge too lol
  • I'm the same, every twinge or ache I'm like "oh I wonder"...then I keep telling myself "don't get your hopes up" then I just wind myself up and get in a strop. This "pregnancy daydreaming" thing is very stressful! I hope they're all good signs for you m'love xxx
  • Babydust to us all ladies...

    My ache is very low down now.. Trying to be cautious, but can't help being optimistic..

  • My cramps and twinges r all very low, sort of top of my bikinni line area? X oh I do hope so! X
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