Hi all,

Just after a little advice, i bought some ov sticks from ebay and they have not given me a positive. However they did darken and then fade again, but not as dark as the instructions say is positive. Surely they were picking something up though. Had ewcm on saturday, is this the day i would have ovulated?

As i had miscarriage on 8/5/08 i wanted to know when i ovulated to know when af due cos i have only had one af since and that was 36 days after mc, my cycle usually 30 or 32 days.

Thanks xxxx


  • The window does darken as the dye passes through the window to 'land' at the control (the line that shows it has worked). It can be confusing especially if you're hoping for a positive result. Also be warned if you leave the stick and its negative after the correct time frame and then check again later it can look as if it has turned positive - this is a false positive and is not a true result.
    ewcm can be a sign of ovulation but if youre testing with a stick this would hav been positive if you had ovulated. ewcm is not 100% conclusive.

    Hope this helps. btw Ive been ttc for over a yr now and work in a laboratory doin tests on samples so if you need any more advice - just ask
  • As some of the other girls have said on here before ov tests arent always correct i used them during my first month and got no result or a negative, there is such a small timescale when u could ovulate that some people test twice a day as the surge may only be a few hours! Try not to worry and just have sex as often as u can that way u cant miss it! image
    Good luck! xxx
  • wantingbaby - ov tests aren't always that accurate and you may have missed your surge - last thursday i randomly decided to test twice as i had lots of ewcm but bfn at lunchtime, then at 6pm it was positive (and a very clear positive) so it just goes to show the narrow window of opportunity.
    i think ewcm is the best sign image

    fingers crossed for you hun xxx
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