quite down today

Hi girls
Feeling quite low today - had a bad migraine yesterday and i am off worktoday. AF due monday and just know its on its way - i tested anyway (as you do!) of course BFN! Wish i could switch the feelings off for a wee while and experience normality again!
my cousin asked the other day if having a baby would make me happy or do i need to be happy first to have a baby? Just need to relax i suppose.
happy weekend to you all xxx


  • Hi Sweetie,

    Keep your chin up.

    I know how hard it is every month when you are hoping and praying for a good result. Please try not to give yourself a hard time, there are enough other people out there to do that for you...

    I'm lucky enough to be about to have my 2nd baby any day so I can tell you, hand on heart, I know where you are coming from and if / when it happens to you then you'll know it was all worth it.

    Take care of yourself and remember throughout this that you are important too...
  • thanks so much for your reply - i hope all goes well with your birthof baby no2. I had my 2nd baby in water pool and it was amazing - try if you get chance. Take care babe xxxx
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