AF has arrived!

So, whilst it means I'm not pregnant, I am rejoicing and using PMA to think that the Pill's vile effects are leaving my body and I can conceive next month.

And I'm going to start charting my temperature. Feeling positive and wanted to pass on the positivity to everyone else - you've all been so helpful whilst I've been moaning about no AF!


  • HEY flush, sorry to hear af found you - but good news on the pma xx
  • Well, frankly, I'm just pleased to see that my lady-bits are back in working order after a big long hiatus from taking the Pill; and relief that after so long, its a fairly benign period without pain or spots or even tears.

    Now, this means I can gulp down the wine this evening and look forward to lots of BD in the coming weeks.

    Just sod's law that it started up literally days after a really painful blood test to check what was wrong. AF has arrived before a) the bruise from the test has faded and b) before the results are even back!

    But just am pleased to be back in action. Have a good weekend, Taffy Girl!
  • Pleased that you are so happy that she has found you. Glad nothings wrong. Good luck for next month!!xxx
  • Thanks Hjanea - me too. Good luck for next month too.

    Am going to dash out for my new thermometer.
  • At least you know you are in working order! Good luck for next month. xx
  • Thanks Mithical. It feels such a relief to think that there is now a possibility of conceiving when clearly I couldn't before. x
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