ewcm help?

I'm on CD22 of 29 day cycle, AF should be due next wed, but today I got some ewcm. I thought I had ovulated around CD15 as I had pains in my side and the timing fit, but now I'm confused. Could I be ovulating so late in my cycle. And if I am is it enough that we bd'd last night? Do we need to BD again tonight? I really don't know if I feel like it tonight as I feel a bit sick and tired, but I don't want to miss our chance for this month either!


  • g/c from planning, sorry I can't offer any advice but i'm in exactly the same situation this month. I don't know if i'm going to come on this weekend like I thought or if i'm going to come on in a couple of weeks now.
  • I am due af around 14th dec of a 28dayish cycle and I think I ovulated on cd21 because of strong symptoms... didn't really bd that much this month but as soon as I got those pains I made sure I bd that night!! I know how you feel about not being in the mood and being tired, every 3 days is fine as I have read sperm can survive in cm for 3-5 days... think it has to be the fertile ewcm though...? Hope its a good month for you and sending you tons of baby dust!!!! Good luck image xXx
  • I have had a similar thing happen this month.
    I had all the signs of OV a few days ago - pains, ewcm and it was the right time.
    Then today all of a sudden I have got LOADS of cm. Although it maybe (sorry TMI) a little less stringy if you know what i mean lol. I also have some bad pains that started about an hour ago - they feel a mixture between period pains and the pain you get when you are absolutely bursting for the toilet.
    Ah well baby dust to you all image
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