Mid cycle bleeding

Hi there

Just wondered if anyone could help me please?

I am currently trying the SMEP with hubby (that's how we conceived no.1!) I am currently on day 16. Have done OPKs for last 3 days (all negative) but yesterday and today I have had some spotting - sorry if tmi, but its not red like a period, but pinkish/brown only when I wipe sometimes image Am starting to worry that this means I won't OV this month. It's really getting me down as I was feeling really positive about trying for my BFP this month.

Any ideas what's going on? Would really welcome any thoughts.

Thanks a lot and hope you're all well.
Babydust to all xxx


  • hi maybebaby2 - thought i would help by bumping this up to the top again, as i have had this too! i am currently on CD7 and yesterday i had some brownish/red when i wiped and a tiny bit of pants....confused!
  • ...not OF pants...IN pants! haha! x
  • just going to bump it too as im no good but would love to know as ive had it a couple of times.
  • hmmm....just been doing my usual detective work ---- googling! and it appears that it could be ovulation spotting...i know you say that your opks are negative, so not sure on that one.
    i am not sure i could have ov'd this early too? only cd6 and af finished on monday!!!! also - got no CM at all.
  • hi a wee story for you all.

    its sept 2008 the 10th to be exact and i have my period. first period after a miscarriage so im glad to see her cause have waited 9 weeks for her to turn up. she goes on her merry way on the 14th and im thinking great cause i get married in 3 days!!! so 17th sept rolls around just about to leave for my wedding go to the loo with help from my bridesmaid and when i wipe i have pale brown sticky stuff. so im now thinking f*@king great on my wedding day af has decided to come crawling back. so stick a pad on and off i go to get married to the man of my dreams. check every time i go to the loo and have no more on pad just a little when i wipe. anyway wedding night we consumate our marriage (twice). no more blood after that. 19th sept go on honeymoon and we make love like maniacs every day more than once most days. come back from honeymoon 26th sept and we are still baby dancing as much as possible. one week later 4th oct i do a test and i am sure i can see the faintest of lines on the test, 5th oct i do a digital and im PREGNANT woo hoo. my son is now 7 months old. so when i googled some stats about due dates and ov dates etc it came back i would have ovd around the 17th-24th which could explain the brown blood on the 17th being ov blood.

    so id say get your men and start baby dancing now.

    sorry for the long drawn out story of my childs conception. good luck ladies x
  • Hey Ladies

    If oyu look back a couple of days you'll see that I posted exacdtly the same thing. Mine was a little bit more but started off as a little bit of pink. Anyway I had an appointment at the doctors and she said that ovulation spotting is quite common, and sometimes you can get mid cycle bleeding which is nothing to worry about.

    Have fun baby dancing!
  • thanks ladies. The ov thing sounds likea good explanation, although Iam only just getting cm today, similar to how i get it in the run up to ov. will be interesting to see if opk gives me a smiley in next couple of days or not. will keep you posted.

    cheers for your replies. hope you're all keeping well and good luck with your bfps this month xxx
  • ...so i reckon that our spotting could be OV or mid-cycle? i do still think mine is too early for OV - but as berly proves....it can happen - which i am surprised by! i did have quite bad cramps on tuesday and weds, which i was annoyed about - as AF had gone on monday. hmmmm....i BD Weds night and will do tonight - so fingers crossed!
    only just starting OV tests, today and dont want to waste them if i have OV already! nevermind, gotta be done i spose, incase i didnt OV.
    arent our bodies so confusing! if only our OH's knew how hard it was for us! they just get the easy part imageD xxxx
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