trying to stay possitive is so hard !!

Hi all. Am i the only one who finds this ttc so difficult.Honest i try so hard to stay possitive but after every neg i get so down.Maybe i set myself up for disappointment as when i tried for my first 8 yrs ago it happened 1s mth and expected it to happen again. Im with my new husband and never been happier we would love a baby,every mth i convince myself & symptom spot then the witch arrives. Thankyou to everyone of yous who have kept me;)


  • Hi mrsalston, dont worry you are not alone, all of us have periods of feeling low from this ttc lark. We are on month 7 ttc and for the first 6months I was absolutely miserable most of the time. I finally pulled myself together looked at the positives.
    One day I will have another baby and my daughter will be a big sister, whether its next month or next year I cant wait to be pg again, I really look forward to it!
    We concieved our lo when I was on the pill so she was unexpected but a wonderful surprise. When I had mirena coil taken out in september I thought I would fall pg straight away even without trying very hard. I was in for a shock because I never ever imagined ttc would be soooo difficult!!!
    I too tried to stay positive but only lasted a few days at most then I would be so down again.
    But now Im a changed woman, Im not even thinking about ttc most of the time I just concentrate on BD as much as we can then getting on with everyday life and enjoying my beautiful daughter, who is in her terrible twos btw and drives me mad half the time!! LOL

    Good luck hun, it will happen, find some positives to concentrate on xxxxxxxxxx
  • I know its so hard to stay positive i have more ups and downs than a rollercoaster lol. That is why this website is so great. How long have you been trying for?

    jen xx
  • Hi fiona & jen. We have been trying for 7 mths now! Prob isnt long compared to some people but feels like for ever!! What about u?x
  • Hi Mrs Alston

    Currently on month 15 ttc, yes your right it does feel forever. Although i have been ttc for longer we all want the same result at the end so i think no matter what stage you are at trying to stay positive is hard. Goodluck i hope your not here for long.

    jen xx
  • Thankyou jen24. Hope u get your BFP real soon too and you are right we all want the same in the end and there is always someone who has been trying longer than you.Im on cd8 so fingers crossed for next week!! goodluck to you too xxx
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