Mumps... Am I just being paranoid? :roll:

Well ladies this morning I noticed I had a bit of a sore throat which has slowly got worse all day and I've developed a bit of a cough, but a dry one. The sore throat has been really tickly and has made me heave a few times. Had a bit of a poorly head but took some para's and that cleared up oh and I've felt shattered all week, so bad that I've put a holiday in at work for Monday so I can try and catch up on some rest... Anyway back to the point :lol:

Got home this avo and OH had been to see his mum as she hadn't been feeling well for a week or 2 anyway she works at our local hospital and one of the ladies that she works with has had a bad case of mumps which she caught from one of the patients and his mum thinks she has had a mild case of it, mild because she has had it before. I've never had it before and was in contact with her over the weekend. Now I am scared about going to see my sister and her 18 week old baby in case I give them mumps. I know it is better to have it as children/babies than later but I still don't want to be responsible for making them poorly but then if it's just a sore throat I don't want to not see them :\? Oh and we're supposed to be going in about ten mins :lol:

Am I just overreacting? What would you do? x


  • I suppose my answer is too late, but I had mumps as a kid and my face was about three times wider than normal so unless you have that, you are probably OK. And you should have jab against it and the baby will have already had one as well.
  • Hey Shuck,

    We went anyway, rang my sister first and figured that seeing as OH's mum can't be sure she had it that we would go, just got back. I'm still not feeling great though :'(

    Checked babys red book and she doesn't get her mumps jab until 13months, there's something that says that babies still have mums immunity in their system until then so she should be ok even if I have got it image

    Thanks though, my face is still ok so I'm sure I'm just paranoid :lol: x
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