fao piggypops

hya luv, well firstly good look on your 2ww, and can i just pick your brains i know you've just recently come off the pill so was just wandering what your first AF was like and when did you cound CD from i finished pill pack on sunday AF started tuesday?
p.s well done on jacob crawling, the fun starts now! xx


  • hello image

    he can only go backwards :lol: and gets really frustrated trying to go forwards, bless but i am sure it will come soon enough!

    i counted CD1 as the day my withdrawel bleed started, it was suprisingly quite light and lasted a few days, my last AF was quite heavy and long but i got a + HPT before AF was due so i guessed that was a chemical pregnancy, hoping i dont get to experience anymore!

    i am guessing your back TTC, good luck x
  • aww bless him, Nancy is doing the floor swimming move and gets very frustrated too that she doesnt move anywere,bless her.
    Were Not TTC just yet but doc has advised that i come of all hormonal contraceptives so were not going to be 100% safe and just take the attitude if somet happens it happens but i wanted to keep track of my dates so i know whats what!! i came on 2 days earlier than i normally do i normally bleed for 4 days so just going to see what happens. cant remember from last time as we tried for 10months wi noo so its been a while.
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