Feeling a bit sad....

Hey ladies,

sorry to just drop in but I had such a good last cycle that i tried not to stress out this cycle - I was fine until the point where i didn't get any ewcm (and i haven't had any at all this time), no movement on the cbfm so thought i may not have OV'd vut now my boobs r so sore - the are killin' as i'm just lying here typin on the laptop! i had some tummy pains earlier this week.

We haven't BD at all this month either - work has been crazy - then at home there is so much goin on so OH is shatered and i'm buzzin so much from it all - i don't sleep!

Sorry - bit of a rant but i feel totally hopeless - It's making me feel like it's just not meant to be.

I feel like i should just stop 'tryin' - and if it happens - it happens?!?!

What do you think I should do? I just can't believe how happy i was last month - and now this.

Thanx Ladies



  • aww hn, sorry your feeling so down. could your tummy pain and sore boobs be a warning of ov. i get pain, sore boobs and sicky feeling at ov. sending hugs.xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hey sweetie, I know how you feel, its horrid when your pma disappears. Have a little look on the jokes post, they made me giggle this morning. Hugs xxx
  • Thanx Ladies for the replies.

    After my rant I decided to stay away and just try not to think about it all.

    My (.)(.)'s got worse and yesterday af showed up - my boobs are still aching and i've never known such paid as i felt this morning - i felt like i was doubled up with pain in my stomach and my back hurt so much. I don't feel as bad now but still not good either. my tummy feels so swollen, my back still hurts and i haven't felt like eating all day.

    I don't know whether I should be worried or not?

    No ewcm this cycle, no +ve's on cbfm - but on the other hand - my cycle is down to 29 days.

    what do you think - good or bad?

    OH said to go to docs but i don't know if they are just going to think i'm a whiner and that it's just af pains. but seriously - I never moan about af, all the other girls in the office make a big deal, they want to go home bla bla bla - not me - but this cycle has been rough?!?!?!

    again - sorry for my previous rant - i'm feeling much happier now - i'm not sad or angry - I just want to know what you all think i should do to move forward and get on with the ttc?

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