Advice needed girls....Cud i be???

I need some advice girls, as a few of you may know that my periods are all over the place so not sure on what is going on but here goes
Myself and OH are ttc and have been bding for 3/4 wks now and this week this is how i have been feeling this wk;
Feel a bit queezy,like acidy sort of sick feelin
VERY tired all time
itchy skin
back ache and everytime i brush my teeth i have bleeding gums. I also when i went to loo yest i had a bit of spotting like i was going to start period but then there has been nothing else.Felt wet etc so when i got home i did an ov test but that came back neg so wat's going on? Obviously as my periods have always been all over place i not sure when i may be due to bleed :\?

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  • hi clare, have you tested at all? might be worth it you never know, and as i have been told a number of times it isnt over until af does arrive, sorry i cant give you any advice and good luck xx
  • the symptoms sound positive- you should POAS and see! good luck xx
  • I agree with Immense. POAS - and let us all know!

    Good luck!
  • i agree with the others - test, test! xx
  • i dont know how u have held back from testing so far get POAS !!! let us all know x
  • hurry uppppp!!!!!
    Filo x
  • well? xx lol
  • I poas yest and it came up neg. all the symptoms are there but nothing on the stick.... aaarrrhhh how frustrating!!!! keep u all posted and thanks all-i have everything crossed xxx
  • clarewills - I am now on day 47 since last AF and my tests keep coming up -ve, so I know how you feel. i have a lot of +ve symptoms, but it is soo frustrating not knowing what is going on! I have docs appt book for 1 1/2wks time to see what they will do xx
  • Hello again all,today i am feeling very hormonal and cranky but feeling scared as i don't want to poas again as i am scared it will come back neg-as most of you are on here we are desperate for a baby and my broody feelings are not helped by the fact i work in prob biggest names on baby shops so dealing with babies everyday image
    Immense i hope your appointement goes well,i don't know about you but i am starting to think i may be imaganing i am preg as there's nothing on the stick hehe xx
  • Definitely! I said yesterday to my mum I would be convinced I was if only the test would show it!! Then you think - am I imagining it all!! I don't think I am imagining though as I feel like I have done 100 sit-ups today!! lol xx Roll on the 16th when I go to docs (unless of course the sticks wake up before then) xx
  • hehe i wouldn't mind doing all the test if a) they came up positive and b) they wern't so bloomin expensive hehe.I def have my fingers crossed for you on the 16th and like you said the test might finaaly wake up by then...hopefully xx
  • i also keep getting like grumbly belly sounds in my tummy, like i am hungry but i not hungry.Whats that all about? xx
  • they sau you can get hungrier at the beginning? But if you aren't hungry then I am not sure - unless you're dehydrated?
  • hehe god this is all rather weird,i just wish both our sticks will work.What make of test have you been using? xx
  • I have used ebay, boots and 1st response. you?
  • Tesco's own,first response and just did a cheaper clear blue-that came back neg aswel,might try and get into the dr's on thurs to see if can do blood test or something as my hormones all over the place xx
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