Hello - Newbie!

Hi Everyone!

This is my first post here although I have been reading this forum for about the last 6 weeks. I have found this forum so helpful (and sometimes funny!!) that I decided to take the plunge and join!

Thought I'd best tell you all a little bit about myself! I'm 24 dh is 30. I got married in August 08, came off bcp at the end of May and have been ttc #1 since. My last two cycles have been 33 days so I'm hoping that this is where they are going to stay (although I'd much rather they were shorter it's nice to kind of be able to work out what's going on in the cycle!) AF is due tomorrow and I know she's on her way :roll: even though me an dh have been SMEPing like crazy this month with the legs in air afterwards (poas earlier - BFN!) Oh well - onto next month!! Time to get the PMA back!

Going to do the SMEP again next cycle and have also ordered Pre-Seed to give it a go - fingers are crossed legs will be open :lol: (TMI already lol!!)

Soooo - after all my rambling (sorry) - that brings us up to date lol!

Hope you don't mind me joining in with you lovely ladies - looking forward to joining you all on your journeys, having and giving some support and advice and discussing all manners of TMI subjects with you! lmao!

Off to start reading some more posts now !!

L xxx

P.S. A big congrats to all you ladies who have had your Xmas BFPs!!


  • Hi Wisher! I'm new here too - I've been on YAYW for a couple of years for wedding help (got married in July) and since the wedding have been posting on the YAYB section of the site. I find it really helpful and lots of the girls recommend this site so thought I'd join here too. Good luck with ttc, I hope you get your BFP very soon!! xx
  • Thank you HappyMrs S! How is your ttc going? Are you trying any 'special' plans or just enjoying bding? Congrats on the wedding by the way.
    Hope you get your BFP very soon too!x
  • Hi and welcome to both of you!
  • Hi wisher, i'm pretty new here too and just got my bfp yesterday, can't believe it happened so quick!
    Want to hang around here a little longer though as had 3 mcs so taking it day by day at the moment.

    Welcome and good luck xx
  • Hi wisher and MrsS (yep it's me from yayw image ) *waves*

    Welcome and hope we all don't stay in this section to long...meant in the nicest possible way! xx
  • Thanks for the replies ladies! Poppy83 - a big huge congrats on you BFP!!! Let's hope it's an extremely sticky bean! How long have you been ttc and did you do anything differently this month?x
  • It's not going that well because I've only had one AF after coming off the pill in September...it's driving me mad!!! I bought a CBFM last week as a christmas present for myself(!)...but I can't start using it until my AF turns up. It's been over 70 days now and it's really getting me down as I just want to be able to ttc properly and know everything's in working order! We've been doing lots of BDing just incase! How about you? xx
  • Hi Huni - nice to see a familiar face, hehe! xx
  • Thanks for the good luck wishes everyone!
    MrsS - Coming of the pill is a right pain in the bum isn't it?! If I'd have known how irregular the cycles would be after stopping it I don't think I would have ever started it! I think finally my cucles are settling down after coming off it at then end of May. Just so that you know you're not alone the the frustrating cycles - since coming off the pill mine have been 34, 39, 54, 33 and 33 days. AF is due late tomorrow/ early Thurs if the 33 day cycle sticks!! We did the SMEP this month - so much BD! Husband san't stop smiling lol!! Will try it again next month. You'll have to keep me updated on the af situation and let me know how the CBFM works out (love Christmas presents for self!). I'm thinking of getting one next month as a Jan present to self.x
  • I feel the same - well I probably would have still gone on the pill but I would have stopped taking it at least 6 months before the wedding if I'd known what a nightmare it would be getting back to normal. I just hope I'm ok and that things will sort themselves out at some point.
    If I get to use the CBFM I'll defo let you know how it goes - I've heard brilliant things about them! Surely my AF must show up soon - 72 days is getting ridiculous!
    Fingers crossed that your AF won't show up tomorrow or Thursday and you'll get your BFP ready for the new year...keep us posted! xx
  • hi wisher, sorry, only just read your reply. Thank you very much, it still hasn't sunk in!
    I used pregnacare tablets and the first month i used them i got ewcm for the first time in a very long time (that i noticed). Don't know if that is a big coincidence or not.
    It's only the second month of ttc. I actually feel really bad because i kind of joined here and read about people who've spent years trying then within a couple of weeks got my bfp and i did think to myself why me and not the girls who have been trying so long. But then i look at my history and think i do deserve it. I just wish it happens soon for everyone.

    Apart from the tablets and keeping my legs in the air for half an hour after bding i don't know what to suggest!!
  • Ah, that's such a nice thing to say Poppy83. I guess it happens when the time is right - and the time is right for you!
    I'll get myself some pregnacare...willing to try everything!!! xx
  • Hi girls and welcome. I'm new myself - joined a while ago but haven't been on often - this is one of my new year's resolutions now! Hope you get your bfps soon if you haven't already (congrats to those who have !)

    I'm currently trying for baby no.2 with an adapted version of the smep! Fingers crossed. Lots of luck to us all xxx
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