BFP!!! Here's some hope for those of you just off the pill!

I just can't believe it, I got my BFP!!!!! It's my birthday tomorrow and this is the best birthday present I could ever have wished for...I just hope it's a sticky bean!! I've just done a CBD and it says Pregnant 2-3 weeks! I can't stop crying!! I did a SD test on Wednesday and got a faint line and then did another yesterday and the line was a bit darker but I still didn't believe it, I kept thinking I was seeing things or it was a mistake! I haven't told hubby as I wanted to make sure first and have my CBD test to give him when he gets in from work - we're going on holiday tomorrow and this is the best start ever! We assumed that we wouldn't have done it this month so hubby doesn't even know that I was going to test and I know he is going to be SO surprised!!!

Some of you probably know my story already as I've done a lot of moaning on here, but for those of you who don't and are waiting for your cycles to get back to normal after coming off the pill, this may give you some hope! I came off the pill last September and we decided we would start ttc in January. I had my normal WB and then first AF arrived 42 days later and was a normal 5 days. I really hoped that this was a sign that everything was in working order! 32 days later I thought my next AF arrived and was pleased that the cycles seemed to be getting shorter - but I only had a tiny bit of bleeding in the evening and it was completely gone by the next day! I ordered some cheap OPKs off the internet and started using these every day (that's dedication for you, not peeing or drinking for three hours every afternoon!!) By Christmas I still hadn't had a proper second AF so I went to the dr who said that it would just be because I was on the pill so long (10 years) so not to worry. She told me to go back in the new year if there was still no sign of anything. By this time hubby and I had given up on condoms as we were so desperate to ttc (and also deep down we thought it couldn't happen because I wasn't having periods). At the start of January there was still no sign of AF and no positive OPK so I went back the the dr. She said I could have some blood tests and a scan. I had one lot of bloods and then was told I had to have another lot and when these came back the dr said the liver function test had come back abnormal and I had raised liver enzymes in my blood. I was so worried that this meant something terrible and was in such a state that evening. I told myself I should stop doing the OPKs but something made me try just once more - and I got my very first positive!!!! I had a positive two days in a row and really sore nips as well as cramping.

And now just over 2 weeks later I have my BFP!!!!!!!!!!! So it was worth using nearly 100 opks because if I hadn't I would never have found out that I'd ovulated as I wasn't familiar with the other signs, I've got an appointment with my dr at 9.30am and need to ask about the liver thing (I'm having another blood test in a couple of weeks to see if things have changed - but the dr thinks it could be to do with muscle damage as I've had a problem with my shoulder for a long time so fingers crossed won't effect anything to do with my little bean!) I've got my scan appointment in two weeks but I guess I don't need to go for that now as things are obviously working! I'm hoping I might be able to have an early scan at 8 weeks though because I know doctors date your pregnancy from the start day of your last period but obviously they can't do that with me...that would make me about four months pregnant!!

Sorry for the longest post ever, I just thought I'd tell my story because when I was going through everything I felt so down and alone. We didn't tell anyone that we were ttc so I couldn't talk to anyone except all you ladies on here - thank you for all your support. I'm definitely sticking around for a while though because it's still early days and I know anything can happen.

Sending bags of baby dust to everyone ttc and hope to hear of your BFPs soon. xx


  • Congratulations!!! Have a h&h 9 months xx
  • Congratulations!! And have a very happy birthday and a great holiday! x
  • aww hun, fab news, congratualtions.xxxxx
  • congratulations xxxx
  • Thats a great story - Ive just come off pill and not sure what to expect, and this makes me think that even if all does not go smoothly - it will happen : ) Congratulations xxx
  • Thanks for all the congratulations!
    littlewolf, on the instructions it says the display will disappear after about 24 this not true? I've taken a photo of it, hehe, couldn't resist! But yes I do have another one so could do that one just before hubs gets home...I hope it gives the same result if I do that, even though it won't be fmi!!!
  • HUGE congrats, I came off the pill at the beginning of December so this is great news for me too x
  • yayyy!!! so happy for you hun!! Congratulations! xx

    ps Happy Birthday for tomorrow image xx
  • Congratulations-have an amazing birthday!!!

    have an amazing super healthy, happy nine months!!!

    x x x
  • Thank you! I went to the doctors and I can't believe how quickly they do everything! I had to do a urine sample (I hope it shows up as positive as it wasn't fmu and I'd just had a big cup of tea!) and then they made me an appointment with the midwife which is a week on Monday. I'm also being booked in for dating scan at approx 8 weeks when we'll hopefully hear a heart exciting but I'm also so petrified that something is going to go wrong. xx
  • Aw congrats! I fell straight off the pill...thought the absence of af was due to my system getting back to normal but was my little bean image This happened to another lady in my due in forum too image
    Alot of woman worry about not having a return of af but in this case I was over the moon image
    Congrats to you and I'm sure the time will fly...seems like yesterday I got my BFP!
    Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months

    Ally 15 weeks today image xxx
  • Congratulations! Just to let u know. My cbd displayed pregnant for around 24 hours. I took a photo too lol x
  • Congrats and happy birthday for tomorrow!!!! xx
  • Fabulous news hun, enjoy your pregnancy and have a wonderful birthday xxx
  • Hiya hun, congrats and happy birthday hun, hope you enjoy your holiday.

    So were you two week late for your af when you got your BFP?

    Congrats again xx
  • Thanks for the lovely messages, I just can't wait for hubby to get home to wait until around 7!!!
    Sparkling Diamond, I'm not sure when af was due as I haven't had one for so long - but I got my first positive opk 2 weeks a go yesterday so in theory based on a 28 day cycle I should have got af around this time...let's hope she doesn't end up turning up! I've done another two tests today though besides the CBD, I just couldn't resist, and the lines are getting darker and darker so hopefully that's a good sign!
  • ahhh that's a lovely story HappyMrsS!! thanks for sharing with us!! I came off my pill at the end of december/start of jan so fingers crossed!...have had AF 3 days after coming off BC... i am at the moment using OPK's and according to my ovulation calender i should be ovulating tomorrow, so lots of BDing tonight and tomorrow and the day afetr....hehe! i cant wait to get my BFP!
    going to thailand in 2 weeks! so hopefully by being more relaxed will help things alot?..... anyways Congratulations to you and Hubby!!!!
    and a H&H 9 months hun!! image

  • Congratulations! What a fantastic birthday present for you! Have a lovely holiday x x
  • Congratulations, happy birthday and happy holiday!!
    What a perfect time to get your BFP!
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