It's BFN for me ;-(

Hi ladies,

As the title says, I tested this morning and it was BFN for me. I'm on CD31 today of a 'who knows' cycle, but the last week or so I've had really sore nipples, a 'heavy' feeling in my (.)(.), odd waves of nausea, cramps, tiredness, etc.

This is my first cycle since coming off the pill which I was on for 10 years and stopped my periods, so I guess it's just my body getting back to normal.

I wish the witch would just arrive so I can 'get going' again!

Oh well, every cloud has a silver lining - it's my xmas party tonight, so at least I can have a couple of glasses of wine!

Baby dust to you all,

Donna x


  • Hi Donna, didn't want to read and run, sorry to hear you didn't get the result you wanted but as I always say it's not over til the red sea flows image
    Perhaps you just did the tests to early to pick up anything?

    Good luck hun and hope you get your BFP soon xx
  • Hi Donna,

    Sorry to hear of your BFN.

    I came off the pill at the beginning of October and didn't get my first AF until 8 weeks later. I had lots of symptoms that I hoped might be pregnancy, but turns out they were from coming off the pill and then my AF coming. This year I was on the mini pill which stopped AF as well, and I have read that you can expect it to take a bit longer for the first AF in that case.

    So as frustrating as it is, it is all normal and once you have had your first AF hopefully you can expect a more normal cycle. I am only on CD7 so I have no idea when my 2nd AF will come, but hopefully it won't be another 8 weeks!!

    Good luck hun, just wanted you to know you aren't alone!
  • good luck for a new year baby!
  • Good luck hun for the future and like you say every cloud has a silver lining enjoy your xmas party xx
  • good luck hope u get ur bfp soon xx
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