chin hairs.

Do you get them? I have one or two, always in the same place. I know it can be a symptom of fertility problems but because they are not all over my chin or face and I only get a couple it's never bothered me before.

Anyone else?


  • what is wrong with my computer

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  • haha I have one. Its really fine and blonde so its luckily not noticeable. But when its been months since I last felt for it its really long. Thought I was the only one! x
  • My granny had terrible chin hairs and once she got to a certain age couldn't pull them out anymore so as she got older her beard got bigger. I hope when I am older and more incapable, someone is kind enough to pull them out for me!
  • I found one on my chin yesterday, 1st one ever and I wanted to scream LOL used the tweezers to pull that baby out, hope I don't get anymore......
  • I am pregnant but saw this off main page.

    Recently (it's my due date tomorrow!) I've noticed all this fuzz around the top of my jaw under my ears, on both sides. It is like fur - I feel like a monkey!!! And its noticeable too so I can't wear my hair up anymore.

    I really hope it is hormones and will go after my babys born!!! xxxx

  • Good luck Tiger Lily, hope all goes well for you.
    I get 2 hairs from my chin but only recently noticed then. They are quite dark and very scary, don't like them at all.
  • I hate it when there's a little bugger just growing and you can feel the stubble but it's not long enough to get the tweezers on it!
  • yes i have lots of them it is a sign of p.c.o.s never had them until about 6yrs ago though and was diagnosed about 10yrs ago?!?
  • Thought this was something to do with 3 little pigs(not by the hair of my chiny chin chin!!) I have a lot of moles under my chin and they all grow dark hairs that need removing with tweezers.I agree with beanz re the ones that are too short to get out-I end up fiddling at them til they're long enough!x
  • lol ive got them at the age of 23 along with my mum, my nan and great nan had them to im not to concerned tho think its a hereditary thing look in the car mirror they look so bad in that light ha ha xxx
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