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CD 16 and AF has arrived!!!!!!!!

:cry: What is going on?!?!

I came off the pill beginning of may and have had cycles of 44days, then 39 days, then 44 days and now this on day 16. Last cycle i had been using CBFM and got all lows then swapped to OPKs and got negatives so don't think i ovulated last cycle which concerned me. Had a normal five day AF tho and felt really positive about this month hoping it was just a one off and now this has happened. I'm gutted. Anyone have any idea what's going on?

Thanks ladies


  • Awh big hugs hunni image didn't want to read and run. Maybe ur body is still getting used to being off the pill? Xxx
  • Thanks kels, knew you'd reply, thanks hun. It's so frustrating not knowing what's going on. I'm thinking of reseting the CBFM cos dont necessarily want to save my random past cycles, grrrrrr.

    How you going with resisting symptom spotting hun?

  • how rubbish, might be worth seeing the docs x
  • Thanks piggypops, I was thinking that too. Even if the doc tells me to come back in a few months at least it gets the ball rolling.

    How you doing piggypops? Still waiting for ov?
  • i went back to low on my monitor yesterday but kept using OPK and got a + today, should be having AF but now in the 2WW,

    the doc might at least do bloods, i had them when i has a 66 day cycle, they were normal though so not a lot of help as to what was happening!
  • I agree maybe go docs see what they say. Would defo reset cbfm though.
    I'm doing ok ta 4dpo tomorrow (sat) trying so hard not to s spot but really hard when I've been having strong cramps like af type cramps, trying to ignore it though and keep busy, back to work for 5 shifts sun so that will keep me busy. Lol
  • Ooooh, fingers crossed kels. xx
  • thanks hun image xxx
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