Driving myself mad!!!

Hi ladies

Just need to vent this morning - arrggghhhh! I'm doing my own head in at the moment! Me and my DH have been TTC since I had a MMC in October last year.

AF is due today/tomorrow and at the moment I am feeling so wierd! The last few months I've been symptom spotting and ended up getting dissapointed when AF arrived. This month I am SS again and driving myself mad! I definately feel different though this month compared to the last few.

This month's SS'ing started about a week and a half ago when I had some spotting in CM. This was around the time I was due to be O'ving - had lots of CM as usual but this time it had some blood tinged in it which I have never had before. Since then I've had stabbing pains in my tummy/back and waves of feeling nauceous. Usually before AF my boobs are sore, I have like shooting pains. Over the last couple of weeks its been more like stabbing pains in my boobs which is different to usual. Last night they were so sore I couldn't sleep - I was working myself up into a frenzy thinking could I really be pg again?

I know the only way to find out is to test, but I'm scared incase its a BFN or a BFP given what happened with my last pregnancy.

I guess I just neeed to stop dithering and do it don't I!!! :roll:



  • Hi its just swollowed my thread twice arghhh!

    Sorry to hear about your mc. I think you should test to put your mind at rest as you said its driving you mad. If its BFP then thats brilliant or bfn then you can think about tcc next month.

    im really intrigued now. let me know.
    Good luck with your BFP XXX
  • Hi

    Well I took a FR HPT this morning, and my eyes may be decieving me but I think I saw the faintest of faint lines!! The test line came up straight away, then I could see the outline of a second line - not pink but you could see the outside of it developing.

    I'm going to wait until the weekend, pray that AF doesnt show and that next time I test I get a BFP!!! Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wish me luck :0)

  • thats brill hope its a BFP for you. ive got my fingers crossed. xxx

    Good luck!
  • GOOD LUCK! Will keep everything crossed for you x
  • Hiya ladies

    Thanks for your replies xx

    Well, no AF so - so far so good! Still got cramping, particularly on the bottom of my back right in the middle. My boobs are sore, feel really thirsty, light headed sometimes too..... I feel as though AF is coming, but every time I go to the loo there's no blood just CM. So I'm hoping everything is pointing in the right direction for a BFP at the weekend!!

    Last time I was pg I didn't get a BFP until 4 days after AF was due. So I'm going to test again on Sunday which is 5 days after AF was due and hopefully it will be good news!!

    Please please please please please let this be my month!!!!!

    Will keep you updated image xxxxx
  • That all looks really promising. Good luck for Sunday. I bet you get your bfp!
  • Wishing you all the best. Hope you're not feeling too uncomfortable. Easier said than done, but try to relax and get plenty of rest. I had a mmc and a further mc before we conceived our little one. It can be so frustrating I really do understand that.

    Take good care. Hopefully it won't be long before you're posting about your bfp on here - will keep an eye out for the news. Good luck xxx
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