still in limbo...

well ladies, I am now 4 days late for AF, having only ever being one before. its stressing me out the not knowing, even if AF came at least I would know what it is going on. ive done two tests, one on tues and one on thurs, both negative! does anyone else have any experience?


  • Have you done anymore tests?

    What tests have you been using?

    Its horrible being stuck in limbo I was stuck for 3 months until docs sent me for a scan and i wasnt pregnant and nothing showed up.

    I was 11 days late in february thats the longest I have been late before.

    All you really can do is wait it out hun, you could have a very shy bean, have implanted late or AF could be delayed.

    Either way I hope you get some answers soon as I know how head doing it all can be.

    Fingers crossed its a shy one!!

  • hey. thanks for your response. hope the docs get some answers for you soon. its rubbish being in limbo aint it! been using superdrug tests, havent tested since yesterday morning. would be a relief to have AF so at least know whats going on. its not like ive just come off the pill before TTC as then I would expect cycles to be a bit wayward x
  • How long have you been off pill? and trying?

    Yeah SD are super sensitive I had faint BFP's on them and then went on to get AF so chem pregnancies. Its a bit gutting but I wont be testing before AF due again.

  • yeah i have sworn not to test before AF due having read some of the stories on here. I have been off the pill since october and cycles have been regular, planned on trying from october this year but brought it forward a bit and started trying at easter. when af does come, as desperate I am for a family I think will stop ttc for a bit as hubby is loosing his job and some stability would be good, prob change mind tho x
  • Sorry to hear about your hubbys job, hope he finds something else soon.

    Its a crap environment at the moment isnt it fighting to survive etc.

    Good luck ttc this month xx
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