Newbie TTC....CD18

Hi All,

Looking for a bit of help and support really and any other info lol!! I'm not so good on all the abbreviations yet so bear with me!

Came off the pill at end of May and am currently on 28 day cycle so today would be CD 18 but when I've been off the pill before CD has varied from 30-38 days normally so not to sure if the 28 days is correct.

BD in what would be most fertile period (weekend) and have been checking CM which doesn't seem to be changing much but (TMI) wetter today but no way near EW so I'm all confused! As it's only month 1 of trying properly and only being off the pill with one true cycle I don't want to get all my hopes up or start worrying that I'm not normal!

Has anyone else found this when they've just come off the pill and if so how long did it take before you started noticing signs of OV? I will charting BBT I think from the next cycle....didn't want to get too anal about it all now as I know I will get an OCD about this all and start driving myself crazy looking at all the different pills and potions to regulate everything lol!! x


  • Hi, welcome to ttc.x
    I stopped taking pill in may and had first af on june 29 so now on CD13. no sign of ov (i dont think) new to this aswell so not entirely sure. Got some cheapy ov sticks of ebay and there not showing any change?
    if you look in chat room rules forum there is full list of abbreviations.x
  • hiya, and welcome image i came off my pill end of jan image but didnt ov for the 1st 3 months after coming off, evil little pill lol. all better now tho, somepoeple it just takes a while and some people get back to norm strait away. i just bouhg t some ov sticks tho ??10 for 60 on ebay, they may help you find out, if and when ur oving? maybe worth a go? good luck xxxx
  • Thanks Nic and Mrs *me*

    my OH thinks I'm fretting too much and it will come naturally....I know there is an element of truth in that but you all know how hard it is not to go and find out every little thing ha!

    I may go on ebay then for the OV sticks....I wanted to hold off from using them just yet till at home checking methods failed but I don't think I will be able to resist!
  • na men dont get it lol, they so relaxed about it all, but its different when ur a woman! i was really worried i had something wrong with me and wasnt ov'ig etc. so dont worry bout fretting its normal and we all do it on here. ur fitting in already! hehe.

    and with the ov sticks that what we did too, i do think its a good idea to hold off if u can, but when me and hubs got to the 6 months mark i bailed and bought some, as im still not 100% sure i actually ov, so now i have them fingers crossed i wil know that i do image just bd anyways as much as poss and it will happen soon enough xx
  • Hi hun my hubs and I started TTC on 27th June I am going crazy symtpom spotting already hee hee, its been lots of fun in the bedroom and er other places we have made in to naughty places since we started TTC hee hee, it brings out the naughty side in us I am sure x
  • too......I'm terrible! Saturday night I was to OH...c'mon it's time! Bless him I don't think he know's what has hit him! ha! I've even told him I have made a calendar up at work on excel showing potential OV days for next 6 months!

    I've never had regular cycles so worried that I don't OV....I'm going to hold out on OV tests though for a few months....2 of my mates had BFP's within 3 months of trying so hoping that there good luck rubs off on me! x
  • He he it's awesome having a sex calendar!!! Although I haven't went to that extent yet, I just seem to be horny all the time...I wish I worked closer to him so we could have lunch breaks together!! x
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