Is this a good sign?

Sorry ladies this is TMI, but here...

When I went to the loo noticed a lot of white cm on my pants (big white stain, so, so sorry way too much tmi), and also as I wiped noticed lots more. Now, I have never experianced this quntity before, I hardly have any cm normally, and always worry becuse I don't even seem to get any EWCM either.

So questions is increased cm a good sign and any of you noticed change in cm as a sign of pg, I am on CD22 today, around 6DPO.

Thanks in advance


  • I had increased cm like youve described hun and got my bfp so definately sounds like a good sign to me xxx Good luck, fingers crossed and loads of babydust xx
  • Oh thanks Jay, really, really hope so image
    Hope you and your little shrimp are both well.
  • Could be! GL hun, fingers x'd for you :\)
  • I had increased cm before I found out I was pregnant and throughout my pregnancy with my ds. Its one of the reasons I often 'know' I'm already out on my 2ww! I hope its a good sign for you too x
  • i had this with my DS, good luck x
  • Thanks ladies. I guess I will just have to wait and see, not really symptom spotting this month, but this was kind of a new thing, so I shall call it a symptom lol
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