Suggestions to take our mind off ttc!

Hi all,

What can we all do to take our mind of the whole ttc experience?

My suggestion is home decor and gardening - I must be getting old because I am 30 and newly married and am starting to get into gardening!!!!!! I am actually excited about buying lots of plants and shrubs for my garden and making it really nice so that I can sit out in the summer and watch the world go by!!!! Well maybe not the world just the neighbours LOL.....

Also like painting and decorating, it makes your house look newer and clean when you paint the walls or gloss the skirting boards but it also takes your mind off ttc

That's my advise, any others?



  • lots of holidays!!! I am going to finland in 2 weeks which will be wicked for a friends wedding. This also distracts me as I am concentrating on dieting to fit in my dress for it!! I am doing a keep fit schedule where I have to do one bit of fitness every day after work. Sitting at a desk all day does not help! This evening I am jogging (he he!) round my sisters to feed her cat, so getting in my fitness and being helpful- multi tasking!
  • Planning lots of stuff to do that you couldn't do if you were pregnant. It means that every month you can think 'Oh well, at least I can still do XYZ'
    Stuff like - Going for ocktails with friends, Trip to a theme park, Cheese and wine party etc.

    I'm also really excited about gardening - our new house will have a garden and I'm plannign a herb garden and some lavender plants.
  • herb garden sounds ace! I love cooking with herbs. Our garden is pretty wide and bit of a blank canvass at the min so I am thinking of doing a curvy shape in the lawn and creating little rockeries!!!! OMG I can hear a voice in my head saying No No No! you should be going out partying, getting ratted he he. Good luck with your new house, have you got long to wait?

    Mini - Wow you sound so motivated! Can I have some of what your having LOL I have a treadmill and cross trainer in my conserv but at the min it's gathering dust..... Sure you will have a fab holiday in Finland. xxx
  • Gardening is good exercise, so not only is your garden going to looknice, you'll be slimmer too - result!
    And you can have a garden party when it's done, and get ratted then!
    I am probably going to keep my plants mostly potted because it's a rented house (I can take them with me when we leave) and my son will be playing football on the lawn and ruin anything in his way.
  • Go on holiday? Oh yes, I'm doing that on Monday!

    I love baking - cupcakes specifically. Has anyone on facebook seen my piccies? I love cupcakes. My next job is my nephew's christening on 31 August - got to do him a small fruitcake for the top tier too.

  • I have been looking up things at our local college- thinking of trying life drawing. In my mind its all fit naked men (think dale off big brother!!) but i don't think the reality would be much like that. one that did catch my eye though was wine appreciation- i already appreciate it ALOT so i think i would be a natural!!!
  • Just looked at your cupcakes Joo! Love all the bright colours, makes me fancy a cake now! lol xx
  • Mithical - where do you live? I'll bake ya some!
  • i'm thinking of lots of fun things to do - days out etc.
    oh and in the very short run someone sent me a very addictive game at work today!!! time flew by!!! xxx
  • lol, I'm in Essex. Probably get eaten by the postman if you sent them! xx
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