Is it too soon

Hi! i'm new to this site and i am 6dpo i think well anyways i had pains in my side and lower back all weekend and pains down low in my front on and off since then then i have a blue vien on my breasts tmi i know but is it too soon to be pregnant and i am so moody or so my hubby tells me lol:\?


  • It's not too soon to be pregnant but it is quite early for symptoms, although your body changes quite rapidly so it could be!

    I'm 8dpo and i've started to get the peiod type pains down below which i got with my previous short pregnancy but i've carried on bd'ing just in case it's OV lol!

    Only time will tell.... which is really annoying isn't it!
    Good luck hun
  • Good luck ladies!! x
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