lil question

how early can (.)(.) start getting bigger in pregnancy? my bra seems too small although I have worn it earlier this week and it seemed just fine

if it is too early then what else could cause it?


oh, should say that I am around 8dpo


  • hun, im not sure when but i know my boobs were the thing thats made me do a test with my lo. good luck hun really hope its your
  • I don't know Shuck, just wanted to say I will have my fingers and my toes crossed for you!

    I REALLY hope you get your BFP for christmas hunny xxxx
  • I dont know chick but just wanted to wish you good luck when are you testing for your xmas pudding??

  • Oh, a serious post!!

    Mine didn't get bigger until i was about 6 or 7 weeks and then they got bigger with a vengeance!! Fingers crossed it's your BFP!! I'm 7dpo, so not far from you on the cycle!! Good luck xx
  • Fingers crossed for you Shuck!! xxx
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