advice needed - trying to work dates out

I need some advice on how to work my dates out.

I had the start of a/f on monday - this was very weak and changed from red to brown up until yesterday evening - I started on full a/f (at the docs who did a test which was negative).
Do i start counting from monday or yesterday to work out when i'll be ovulating?
This is my first proper a/f from coming off Yasmin at the end of feb, I had my initial withdrawel straight away so this is the first 'normal' a/f and I'm confused!

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  • from mon hun the day you get any spotting at all! good luck - its a real whirl wind!
  • Cheers chick, it's all so confusing at times - I had my daughter 9yrs ago and paid no attention to details like this! LOL. are you trying to conceive? xx
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