I want to work at Radio 1!!

Jo Wylie is the 3rd dj to fall pregnant in as many mths!!! - just announced it on her show!!

maybe if we could all just get a shot of sitting in their seat it would work for us??

sorry just had to get that off my chest, green eyed monster at work again!! lol!!!


  • who else has announced their pg there? sarah cox????

    we could pretend we're cleaners and sneak in and sit on the chair?!
  • i think sarah cox has went on maternity leave, but Edith bowman is also pregnant!!

    i've got the mop if you'e got the bucket! lol!!!!
  • Edith as well!

    I've got bucket and some dettol some where!! *lilac looks 4 her tabbard* i'll meet u there!!!
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